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“What if you compared it to the Longxuan Empire”

“Do not compare it with such a remote and desolate place.”


Remote… and… desolate…

Shen Yanxiao had to admit.

She was tempted!

“Hey, if you regain your strength one day, will you return to your home” Perhaps she was too idle, so Shen Yanxiao started to chat with Xiu about trivial questions for the first time ever.

“I will definitely return.” Xius voice faintly revealed a determination that she had never encountered before.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“Then, as your ally, shouldnt you consider bringing me along to sightsee” She was very curious about his luxurious home that could reduce the wealthy Longxuan Empire to aremote and desolate place.

“Very well.” Even though Xiu did not understand what Shen Yanxiao meant when she saidsightsee, he could still guess her intentions by what the words meant individually.

“When I repossess my body, I will certainly bring you there.”

Shen Yanxiao smiled even more brilliantly.

Luxurious places were a thiefs favorite place to be.

In a place where gold littered everywhere, it was an excellent opportunity for them to get rich!

Since she had loaned her body to someone for so long, she thought that she ought to charge a certain amount ofrent after the matter was settled.

Xiu did not realize that he had led a wolf into his home.

After that short chat with Shen Yanxiao, he recovered his personality as a devious instructor.

“Itll be awhile before we reach the Vermilion Birds lair.

Before then, you must train without stopping to sleep or rest so that you can increase your strength.”

Shen Yanxiaos face soured…

Even though her progress during that period was considered stable, it was still a distance to the sixth-rank target that Xiu had set for her!!

She thought that he simply wanted to hound her to her death!!

As they journeyed, Shen Yanxiao had barely managed to follow Xius order to neither rest nor sleep under his strenuous training!

For the entirety of two days and nights, what she had done in the carriage other than train was to continue to train some more!

It had been two and a half days since they entered the Lava Valley, and they still had not reached the Vermilion Birds lair.

It was a cruel reality!

For an entire two days and two nights, she didnt even get the chance to rest her eyes, and if she relaxed for a little bit, Xius ice-cold voice would explode in her mind.

It was not a sound that she would hear in her ears, so even if she jabbed her ears, it would not have lowered the volume.

Every day, the sage would dispatch someone to send food and drinks to every carriage, and they would continue the journey for the rest of the time.

Even after they had arrived at the Lava Mountain for so many days, Shen Yanxiao feet had never touched the ground.

Before the day ended, Shen Yanxiaos magic finally broke through to the sixth rank under Xius inhumane training.

After the sixth rank, Shen Yanxiao had to choose the direction of her magic training between three classes, and they were magus, warlocks, and priests.

Xiu was an excellent teacher.

He analyzed the situation of the three paths and explained them in a simple but yet precise manner for Shen Yanxiao.

Magus had the strongest attack between the three classes, and even among a huge army, they still maintained a decisive role.

A powerful magic attack often possessed a more terrifying killing power than the siege weapons.

However, a magus was also very weak.

They were unequaled in situations with long-ranged enemies, but if a powerful opponent were to attack them from close proximity, then they would be very vulnerable to the attacks.

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