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Chapter 454: Incomplete Formula (2)

Shen Yanxiao was someone like that.

On an average day, she was a kind and seemingly without any temper or prominent abilities.

However, if someone were to cross her, then her opponent would have to face an unimaginable force.

No one would have expected that a terrifying power was concealed under her gentle mask.

Just the thought of her casually added curses in a potion would cause others to tremble in fear.

“Are we allowed to write a letter to Tang Nazhi now” Qi Xia sighed.

Shen Yanxiaos expression faintly changed for the better as she nodded.

“Its time to send him this present.”

Stinky brat, Ive dealt with those who had bullied you, and I hope you would be able to spend your days in the Black Tortoise Family in peace.

Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had been disabled after the incident.

When they woke up and learned that they would not be able to make potions anymore, they almost went insane.

Luo Fan had transformed into useless trash overnight, and the setback had turned him into an idiot.

He sat in the dormitory every single day as if he was a piece of wood that neither ate nor drank.

Fang Qiu was worried that something worse might happen to him.

So he decided to drop everything and set on a journey back to the Blue Moon Dynasty with his students after he bade farewell to Ouyang Huanyu and Pu Lisi.

Shangguan Xiaos condition was no better than Luo Fan, and his silhouette could longer be spotted in the Herbalist Division.

Furthermore, Pu Lisi had also disappeared along with him.

Some said that Pu Lisi had left for the Blue Moon Dynasty, where herbalism flourished, with Fang Qiu and Shangguan Xiao in search of treatment methods.

Shen Yanxiao did not care if there was any truth to that news.

She could finally resume her normal life and split her time amongst the three divisions.

The only difference was that she could no longer see that certain someone who took care of her and was always by her side.

The vacant bed in the dormitory remained unused since his departure.

Whenever Lin Xuan returned to the room, he was always afraid to talk to Shen Yanxiao.

Her world had turned quiet, and she was somewhat unaccustomed to it.

Fortunately, the three friends remained by her side, and the days went by as they fought in jest and for fun.

In the mornings, Shen Yanxiao would follow Ye Qing around the library to learn about herbalism.

Ye Qing seemed to have formally accepted her as his disciple as he began to teach her peculiar potions.

One morning, Shen Yanxiao was at the library as usual, but she noticed that Ye Qing was at the table with a pile of herbs.

“Mentor, what potion are you making now” Shen Yanxiao made her way there as she asked.

Ye Qing had corrected how she addressed him several days ago, and they both had a tacit understanding of the reason behind his actions.

A friendly smile blossomed on his face when he saw Shen Yanxiao.

“This is a potion that the dean requested my help with.

However, I am rather ashamed.

I have had this formulation for years, and I have yet to complete it.” Ye Qing had a yellowed parchment that recorded all the processes for the potion.

Shen Yanxiao took a casual look at it, but she was shocked by what she had seen on the paper.

The potion in Ye Qings hands was the Blood Banquet Potion that was meant to cure Yun Qi!


Shen Yanxiao noticed that something amiss.

Yun Qi had given her the Blood Banquet Potions formulation, and she had memorized it by heart.

However, the formulation in Ye Qings hands was slightly different from hers.

Even though both formulas seemed almost identical, there were distinct missing parts in several crucial steps.

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