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Chapter 449: You Deserved It (3)

They prob

ably would not be able to live like an ordinary person, let along to continue their path as an herbalist.

The situation had thoroughly destroyed any possible future that they had had to become an herbalist.

“How did this happen… How did this happen…” Pu Lisi was limp as he slumped against the chair.

He stared forward in a daze as he could not believe that he had personally destroyed his disciples future as an herbalist.

If he had not mistaken the potion that they had drunk as the Slow Potion and made an antidote for that, they would not have ended in such a miserable state.

Everything that had happened was the result of his arrogance.

Pu Lisis hands trembled, and as he looked at the hands that had ended Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans future prospects, he felt only anguish.

“Lets look for Shen Jue! He must have a way to resolve this!” Fang Qiu was shocked senseless by the news.

He ignored Pu Lisis presence and looked at the Priest Divisions head with an anxious expression.

“Shen Jue had concocted that potion, so he would definitely know what it is.

He must have a way to fix this! There must be a way!” At that very moment, Fang Qiu could no longer care about other things.

He could not let any mishap happen to Luo Fan while he was under his care.

Otherwise, the Luo Family would make him wish he was dead!

The Priest Divisions head said, “I have minimal knowledge of potions, but if you know of a way to fix this, please do it as soon as you can.

Even though I can ease the impact in their bodies, for the time being, we must find the real antidote.

Otherwise, it would be hard even to keep them alive, let alone hope for their recovery.”

“Ill go! Ill go and look for him!” Fang Qiu muttered as he dashed out of the room.

Pu Lisi sat on the chair and remained silent, but his eyes were bleak.

The arrogant students from the Yates Academy were also dumbstruck by what had happened.

It was a competition that was not even worthy of a mention, so they did not expect that things would turn out that way.

Furthermore, a Great Herbalist like Pu Lisi had mistaken a potion that a first-year student had concocted for something else.

Fang Qiu ran like a mad dog throughout the Herbalist Division in search of Shen Jue.

Unfortunately, he did not even find a single shadow of him wherever he looked.

At that very moment, Shen Yanxiao was not in the Saint Laurent Academy.

She was resting in the casinos lounge room as she enjoyed the care of her friends.

Fang Qiu was about to go crazy from the search, so he had no choice but to let go of his pride and begged the academys dean, Ouyang Huanyu, for help.

Subsequently, all the teachers from the academy were sent out in search of Shen Jue.

Unfortunately, they did not know the existence of Phantoms hideout, and so their search had been fruitless.

Shen Yanxiao and her friends only returned to the academy the next morning, but everything had turned into a huge mess.

When the first teacher spotted Shen Yanxiao, he immediately cried out and rushed to report his discovery.

The four students at the gate could only look at each other in puzzlement.

“Whats with them Have they seen a ghost” Yang Xi quirked his eyebrow and looked at the silhouettes that had bolted away.

“I feel like theres an interesting show just waiting for our arrival before it could start.” Qi Xia smiled, but there were hints of mockery in his flawless grin.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at her friends before she continued to walk forward.

“Well know more when we get there.”

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