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Chapter 444: Just the Beginning (1)

Shen Yanxiao had selected all the medicinal ingredients that she needed and returned to her table to prepare the antidote.

On the other hand, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had just put their hands down.

The expressions on their faces were shifting from smug smiles to confused looks at a meager pace.

The motion was slowed by almost a hundredfold.

It was as strange as it could get.

Contrary to the twos spooky slow-motion movements, Shen Yanxiao was quick with her hands.

She had finished preparing the medicinal ingredients, and everything was neat and clean.

The anger made Pu Lisis blood boil.

He knew what Shen Yanxiao had intended to do.

However, due to Ye Qings presence, Pu Lisi could not call the competition off because he had to be fair.

There were clamors of comments among the students in the audience about the oddness of Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans progress.

Some perceptive students had developed an idea about the potion that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan had consumed.

Yet, those students were still filled with curiosity.

Even if they knew about the Slow Potion, the students did not comprehend how the effects could be that strong.

One could not stand the sight when a cheetah was slowed to the pace of a snail!

“Is that the Slow Potion I have seen the Slow Potion in action before, but the effect was not nearly as potent,” a student from the Saint Laurent Academy mumbled.

“Who the hell can tell what is going on But this is exhilarating, is it not Lets see if those bastards from the Yates Academy are still so cocky! Lets see how they intend to win the competition this time!”

“I thought Luo Fan is an Advanced Herbalist.

It looks like he still has to yield to a student from our Division.”

A group of students from the Saint Laurent Academy took the advantage to stomp on the Yates Academys students.

It seemed like they forgot that one of thesnails was once the top student at the Saint Laurent Academy.

The students from the Yates Academy looked awful and pale when they heard about the insults by students from the Saint Laurent Academy.

“What the hell Where is the competition That kid is obviously cheating.

He is being deliberately dishonest by entering the competition with the Slow Potion.

Thats a despicable potion with negative effects.” They would never accept the fact that a first-year student could defeat Luo Fan.

Everything had happened because a mean and vile character had created trouble with her street-smartness!

Luo Fan had been a victim!

“Are you kidding me Who gave you the courage to say such things Shen Jue has to compete against two people by himself.

We do not know what kind of potion Shanguan Xiao and Luo Fan had concocted, but everyone could see it was nothing good.

How could you say that Shen Jue had cheated This has not been a fair game either.

An Advanced Herbalist and an Intermediate Level Herbalist ganging up against one first-year student Have you no shame” The students of the Saint Laurent Academy put themselves forward to defend Shen Jue against the injustice.

Naturally, Saint Laurent Academys students would be thrilled to be able to see the twilight of success after being pressured by Yates Academy for such a long time.


That first-year student is nothing!” A student from Yates Academy threw more insults at them.

“What is wrong with being a first-year student At the very least, our Shen Jues heart is in the right place.

We could tell that Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiaos potions could inflict great harm just by looking at it.

However, Shen Jue is only using the Slow Potion, which would not hurt anyone in any way.

Just from this one aspect, we can differentiate between the despicable and the brazen ones!”

The students from both academies continued to hurl words at each other.

However, since they were the majority, the students from the Saint Laurent Academy had overwhelmed entirely those from the Yates Academy.

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