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Chapter 443: Slow Potion (3)

It was not like they were not familiar with that detrimental potion.

However, they did not expect Shen Yanxiao to use a detrimental potion with zero chance of fatality in the competition!

The Slow Potion was harmless, and the person who consumed it would not be in any suffering either.

Pu Lisi would not have minded the Slow Potion on any other day, but they were in a competition!

Even though the Slow Potion was harmless, it would restrict Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans speed.

However, Pu Lisi noticed that Shen Yanxiao had improved the Slow Potion that she had brewed.

The ordinary Slow Potion would only slow ones movement by tenfold, but it seemed as if Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans progress had been delayed by a hundredfold!

It was hard to imagine its effect in a hundredfold.

All potions had to be prepared according to its formula, and it would be hard to make even the slightest change.

Even Pu Lisi was not confident that he could multiply the Slow Potions effect by tenfold accurately.

With their speed and reaction delayed by a hundredfold, the situation was fatal to Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans victory.

Their consciousness would have remained at the point where they had just drunk the potion.

They would not have realized the turn of events in the competition yet.

It was impossible for them to produce an antidote by nightfall.

They would probably need two hours just to reach that pile of medicinal ingredients.

It looked like it would be a few days after the spectators had gone home before they could produce the antidote.

Pu Lisi nearly vomited blood when he realized that.

That Shen Jue was too despicable! That was not a competition at all, but instead, a one-sided victory!

The competition should be fair and square.

Why would she want her opponents to drink a detrimental potion that caused them to end up in such a state

Shen Jues actions had completely eliminated the possibility of Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans victory!

Even if Shen Yanxiao were dumb and required a long time to prepare the antidote, Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan would probably need eight to nine days to make their antidote.

Therefore, even if she took her time, it was absolutely possible to produce a cure for the two detrimental potions that she had drunk!

If Shen Yanxiao had suffered the effects from the Concealed Poison Potion, she would not be able to sustain for long.

However, she looked healthy and alive, and she had no care for the time, either!

Pu Lisi was so enraged that he wished he would ram into the wall.

He would have preferred Shen Yanxiao to use some sinister or cruel potion rather than the Slow Potion, which had slowly tortured him to death!

Pu Lisi was so frustrated that his intestines would turn green.

He could already guess the result of that competition.

Why did he go to that worthless competition anyway Was he not humiliated enough in the previous match that he was there to get trampled again

Pu Lisis complexion turned deathly white, then green, and lastly, purple.

On the contrary, Ye Qings face shone with happiness as even his eyes smiled.

He had already identified the potion that Shen Yanxiao had concocted.

“It seems like my worries are unnecessary.

The younger generation is, indeed, daunting!” Ye Qing felt as if a huge stone had been lifted off his chest as he chuckled and shook his head.

The students were unaware of the situation and were curious as to what had happened to Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan.

Both of them moved at an extremely slow pace, and there was also a smile on their faces that seemed extremely repulsive.

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