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Chapter 442: Slow Potion (2)

That also meant that their scheme had been destined to fail!

She had pretended to be in pain to make Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan lower their guard so that they would drink her potion without any hesitation.

Since things had already gone her way, there was no need to continue with the pretense!

As everyone stared at her, Shen Yanxiao walked toward the pile of medicinal ingredients at a leisure pace.

Even though the loss of senses could temporarily numb her pain, it was not a cure for the potions that she had drunk.

Shen Yanxiao could already feel that her five senses had gradually weakened, and she would have to produce an antidote before she lost her five senses completely.

To produce the antidote faster and more accurately, she spared no effort to secretly cast five to six types of singular curses on her body.

Every single curse would enhance her five senses to a certain extent to ensure that she would not lose her judgment too quickly.

She wanted to fight for more time, and that was the countermeasure that she had planned for the competition.

It had never been her style to kill a thousand enemies with eight hundred casualties.

If she wanted to win the competition, she would win it with her abilities!

Shen Yanxiao went to the medicinal ingredients area and concentrated on finding the items that she needed.

She already had a certain degree of understanding of the detrimental potions that she had consumed.

However, her sudden change had caught Pu Lisi off guard.

When he noticed that Shen Yanxiao had started to prepare for the antidote, he immediately turned toward Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan.

He did not want his disciple to lose to that brat again.

However, when he turned toward the other two students, he was momentarily stunned.

It had been five to six minutes since Shangguan Xiao, and Luo Fan drank Shen Yanxiaos potion.

However, they had maintained the same position after they had done that, with one hand on the bottle and a relaxed expression on their face.

“Why have they stopped moving” Fang Qiu stood beside Pu Lisi, and he was secretly anxious as he looked at the two students who appeared to be completely motionless.

What was wrong with those two kids Something unexpected had happened to Shen Yanxiao, but they had not even reacted to that.

They had only stood there so foolishly!

“They are not motionless.” Pu Lisis voice suddenly withered.

He noticed that Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao were moving at an extremely slow pace.

Their hand that held the bottle had slowly lowered at a speed the naked eye could still see.

However, their speed was comparable to a snail.

“Whats the matter with them” Fang Qiu rubbed his eyes and finally noticed Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans weird behavior.

Even though they were moving, they did it very slowly.

It seemed like they could only lower their hands less than a fingers distance in one minute.

Pu Lisi narrowed his eyes and searched for ideas in his mind.

He paled when the realization finally dawned on him.

“Shen Jue… he… the potion that he made was the Slow Potion!” Pu Lisi took a deep breath as he stuttered.

Fang Qiu widened his eyes as he could not believe what he had heard.

He then said in surprise, “Slow Potion Are you kidding me”

The Slow Potion was a type of intermediate detrimental potion.

Other than to cause ones movement and reaction to become extremely slow for a period, it basically served no other purpose.

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