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Chapter 431: Farewell (3)

They drank and continued to party, and by the time they fell asleep, it was already the next day.

The first ray of light illuminated the skies as Tang Nazhi looked at his comrades who appeared to be sound asleep.

He took a deep breath before he grabbed his luggage and went toward the door.

He looked at the friends that he had loved and hated for one last time before he left the room with a downward gaze.

Saint Laurent Academy, we shall meet again in the future!

The moment the door clicked shut, the four remaining friends sat up in unison.

All of them had a complicated look on their face as they looked at the empty chair.

“Come to the first-year students lab in the afternoon,” Shen Yanxiao said as she stood up.

Despite the smell of alcohol on her body, she was not drunk at all.

“Very well,” the three of them answered in unison.

Even if Shen Yanxiao did not say that, they would still be there.

They wanted to see how those two bastards walked toward their demise after they had forced their friend out of the academy.

Shen Yanxiao said nothing further and turned to leave.

Even though she had not slept a wink, Shen Yanxiao was not sleepy at all.

Instead of her usual glint, flames of fury flickered in her eyes instead.

That would be the farewell gift that Shen Yanxiao had prepared for Tang Nazhi!

Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao also had a sleepless night.

Even though Luo Fan had absolute confidence in his victory, he still had to be careful as he needed to deal with potions that had detrimental effects.

Pu Lisi had also guided Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao all night long to ensure they could teach that stinky brat, Shen Jue, a good lesson in the competition.

“Thank you, Master Pu Lisi.” Luo Fan had benefited a lot from the overnight lessons.

It seemed like Pu Lisi hated Shen Jue to the core as he handed over the formulae for detrimental potions to Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao without any hesitation.

Even though they did not manage to learn everything, with their talents, they had managed to acquire one to two rather harmful potions.

They were confident that as long as they could produce those two potions in the competition, Shen Yanxiao would not have the capability to make an antidote for it, no matter how skilled she was.

“That kid sought his own death, so he cant blame others for agreeing to it.” Pu Lisi had a wicked look on his face.

No one had dared to ruffle his feathers as he sat high above them, but Shen Yanxiao had dared to be the first person to embarrass him.

He would have his revenge against her and make her suffer.

He wanted her to know that it was unwise to offend a Great Herbalist.

Luo Fan might have appeared modest, but there was a complacent glint that flickered in his eyes.

“Indeed, that little kid does not know whats good for him.

Master Pu Lisi, please rest assured that I will teach that little brat a good lesson.” Even though his objective was Ye Qing, Pu Lisi was also a skilled Great Herbalist.

Luo Fan would not mind reaping some benefits from him.

Pu Lisi nodded in satisfaction.

The two formulae that he handed to Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao had powerful effects, and he was confident that Shen Yanxiao could never endure it.

“I will personally spectate the competition, so both of you had better not disappoint me.” Pu Lisi could not wait to see Shen Yanxiaos miserable condition after she consumed the potion.

A sinister glint appeared in his eyes.

“Yes, master.” Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao looked at each other, and they saw the same confident look and evil intentions in their eyes.

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