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Chapter 426: Do You Dare to Have a Match (4)

All the students in the library were distracted by their conversation.

All of them were from the Herbalist Division in the Saint Laurent Academy, so they knew all three participants in that talk.

Shangguan Xiao had always had a widespread reputation at the Herbalist Division, and Shen Yanxiao had become a celebrity due to her previous match with Shangguan Xiao.

As for Luo Fan, he was an herbalist from the Blue Moon Dynasty, and he had fully displayed his abilities in the previous friendly match.

Almost everyone knew how Luo Fan had completely dominated Tang Nazhi in that friendly match.

The newly appointed honorary division head of the Herbalist Division, Pu Lisi, had even expelled Tang Nazhi from the academy shortly after that.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi had always had a good relationship.

The first-year student had disappeared for a month, and the first moment she was back, she had issued a challenge for Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao.

Even a fool knew why she had done that.

“Oh my, Shen Jue wants to challenge Luo Fan” A few students from the Herbalist Division had gathered together and sneakily glanced at the trios direction.

“Luo Fan is an Advanced Herbalist, so theres no way Shen Jue would defeat him.” Those students had seen Luo Fans skills in herbalism not too long ago.

Even the top student in their division, Shangguan Xiao, could only concede defeat in his presence.

Shen Yanxiao had won against Shangguan Xiao once, but she had disappeared from their lines of sight after that.

The students from the Herbalist Division were still unfamiliar with that talented first-year student, who had disappeared after she made her mark.

Shen Jue was just not as famous as Shangguan Xiao.

If Shangguan Xiao could only concede defeat toward a super genius, how could Shen Jue possibly be his opponent

Most of them were not optimistic about Shen Yanxiaos challenge.

They knew that she wanted to avenge Tang Nazhi, but her opponent was too powerful.

“So what if hes Luo Fan Is Yates Academy really so great What did they think they had that they could just stroll around our academy with arrogance I think theyre an eyesore, and Shangguan Xiao is only a coward who only knows how to flaunt his skills in front of us.

He did not even dare to fart in Luo Fans presence.” One of the students got a little too emotional.

Ever since students from the Yates Academy arrived in their division, the Saint Laurent Academy had suffered a complete annihilation throughout several friendly matches.

They had lost so many matches, and most of them felt as if they could not even lift their heads in their home ground.

Furthermore, Shangguan Xiao, the best student in their division, did not even strive for vindication and even colluded with their enemy.

That had allowed the students from the Yates Academy to run rampant in their academy.

Most of the students had been very dissatisfied with that.

However, they also knew that they did not have the skills to compete with their opponents from the Yates Academy.

Yates Academy had sent eight students from their Herbalist Division, led by the Advanced Herbalist, Luo Fan.

The other seven students were Intermediate Herbalists, and they, too, had utterly crushed the other students from the Saint Laurent Academy.

The students from the Saint Laurent Academy were furious as they felt oppressed from the losses.

Their morale was boosted the moment Shen Yanxiao stepped up to challenge Luo Fan.

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