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Chapter 425: Do You Dare to Have a Match (3)

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Luo Fan with indifference and asked, “Who are you”

“I am Luo Fan from the Yates Academys Herbalist Division.”

“So, its you,” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

Very well, she had managed to locate both of them at the same place, so that would save her some time.

Luo Fan furrowed his eyebrows as he was uncomfortable with Shen Yanxiaos tone of voice.

“Senior Shangguan, werent you looking for me all over the academy Ive returned.” Shen Yanxiao shifted her line of sight from Luo Fans face to stare at the furious Shangguan Xiao.

“Good, very good.

Your return is timely!” Shen Jue still looked so arrogant, and it was as if he wanted a beating.

Shangguan Xiao wished that he could pounce and strangle that brat to his death.

“I heard that Senior Shangguan was not satisfied with the previous defeat and wanted to compete for another round” Shen Yanxiao said.

Was not satisfied with the previous defeat…

Shangguan Xiao nearly spat out blood from anger.

“Brat, dont be too arrogant.

It was all because of Great Master Ye Qing that allowed you to win by chance the previous time.” Shangguan Xiao had been depressed for a long time after he had lost to her.

He did not understand how a first-year student could have defeated him.

It took him a while until he found a perfect reason for his loss.

That reason was… Ye Qing!

Shen Yanxiao was Ye Qings student, and she had concocted Ye Qinqs newly developed Pseudo Death Potion.

Therefore, he did not lose to Shen Yanxiao, but instead, he had lost to Great Master Ye Qing!

Shen Yanxiaos victory was merely due to good luck.

“Oh” Shen Yanxiao chuckled and looked at Luo Fan.

“Ive been absent from the academy for nearly a month, and I heard that Shangguan Xiao was not the only one who had wanted to compete with me.

This guest, who had come from afar, also seemed to have the same thoughts”

Luo Fan snorted.

“I heard that Shangguan Xiao said that you have some skills.

However, after meeting you today, it seems your reputation exceeds you.

You dont look like you amount to much.” He hated the look on that brats face.

It was as if he thought that Luo Fan was merely an ant.

“Is that so Would the both of you dare to compete with me”

Shen Yanxiao sneered.

It did not matter if they were Luo Fan, Shangguan Xiao, or Pu Lisi; she would not let anyone use underhanded tactics against her.

She would make them understand that she was not someone they would easily provoke.

Luo Fan and Shangguan Xiao looked at each other.

They were surprised that Shen Yanxiao would challenge them on her own accord.

Luo Fan looked at Shen Yanxiao with contempt.

Even though he did not know why Shangguan Xiao had lost, it was obvious that his opponent was merely a thirteen to fourteen-year-old little brat.

So what if he was talented Luo Fan was also a rare herbalist genius in the Brilliance Continent!

That brat, Shen Jue, must not have known his place that he dared to challenge him to a match!

Shangguan Xiao smiled.

Perhaps the two of them might be equally-matched, but Shen Jue was nothing when compared to Luo Fan.

That fool must not have been aware of Luo Fans skills that he could dare to challenge them by herself.

How ignorant!

“Sure, how shall we compete” Shangguan Xiao immediately agreed to the match.

However, he did not notice the evil glint that flickered in her eyes.

“Since we are herbalists, we would compete with potions, of course.

However, ordinary matches are too boring.

Why dont we compete with something new” Shen Yanxiaos voice was like a devil that hid in the dark to tempt ignorant fools to jump into the abyss.

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