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Chapter 424: Do You Dare to Have a Match (2)

Shangguan Xiaos expression immediately soured when Shen Jues name was mentioned.

“Who knows where that little brat is hiding I have not heard anything about him in a month.” Shen Yanxiao had made him lose face in front of everyone else a month ago, and he was still hung up about that.

“However, hes only an Intermediate herbalist, and he is nothing when compared to you.

Luo Fan revealed a proud smile.

“I would not normally pay attention to a little brat like him, but if I could defeat him, then Ye Qing would realize that he had chosen wrongly, and Im his best choice.” One could describe Luo Fan as a rare genius herbalist that one could only see once in a century within the Brilliance Continent as he had accomplished so much at his young age.

Regardless of that, he could still need someone of sufficient status to be his teacher.

He had locked onto Ye Qing because the teachers at Yates Academy could no longer teach him anything new.

Ye Qing, who was almost a Grandmaster Herbalist, was the only one fit to be his mentor.

So, he would never allow anyone to snatch his chance away.

That was the reason Luo Fan had worked hard to help Shangguan Xiao deal with Shen Yanxiao.

Not only could he sell Pu Lisi a favor, he could also thoroughly eradicate the trash that had stolen his mentor.

He had wanted to let Ye Qing know that he was the best candidate for him.

“Indeed, throughout the entire Brilliance Continent, who could defeat you in herbalism Shen Jue is merely a clown on a tightrope.” Shangguan Xiao sneered as he aimed his hatred toward their common enemy.

Just as both of them dissed Shen Yanxiao and imagined their brighter future without her, that certain someone had quietly arrived at the Herbalist Divisions library.

All the students in the library immediately shifted their curious gaze toward her when they saw her angry silhouette.

“Isnt this my senior, Shangguan Xiao” Shen Yanxiaos arrogant ice-cold voice entered both of their ears.

Shangguan Xiao stood up immediately as he glared at Shen Yanxiao, who had previously embarrassed him in public!

“Shen Jue! Youve finally appeared,” Shangguan Xiao said as he gritted his teeth.

Luo Fan looked at the skinny youth with surprise.

He had imagined the appearance of the first-year student who had managed to defeat Shangguan Xiao, but he did not expect he would look like that.

Shen Jue looked to be thirteen to fourteen years old, and his unattractive appearance with his overly thin figure would not attract any attention if he were thrown into a crowd.

That was Ye Qings student The first-year student who had defeated Shangguan Xiao

Luo Fan finally understood why Shangguan Xiao was humiliated with his defeat.

No herbalist would be scared to lose a contest.

However, Shangguan Xiao had lost to a much younger brat who did not have the slightest distinct feature on his face or body.

Any herbalist would take that particular defeat as a disgrace.

That must have been the biggest joke of the year; a top student was still inferior to a little brat who had yet to reach adulthood.

If Shangguan Xiao had lost to someone nearer to his age, then that bitter would have been much easier to swallow.

“Youre Shen Jue” Luo Fan narrowed his eyes as he stared at the little guy in front of him.

If it were not for Shangguan Xiaos cry of surprise, he would not have associated the young fellow with the Shen Jue that he had only heard from the rumors.

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