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Chapter 419: Going Too Far (3)

The Saint Laurent Academys underground casino bustled as usual.

At Phantoms rest area, Tang Nazi sat on a chair by himself.

He looked lonely as he kept his gaze down and caressed the interspatial ring on his index finger.

His few months at the Herbalist Division seemed to have ended just like that.

He had packed all the things that he had brought with him to the academy.

He had been full of fighting spirit when he first arrived at the academy, but alas, it was time for him to leave…

Tang Nazhi sighed.

Shen Yanxiao had been away from the academy for almost a month, and he was supposed to return to the Black Tortoise family a few days ago.

However, he wanted to bid his little sister farewell before he left the academy, and so he decided to delay his departure.

However, his grandfather, the family head, had issued him with an ultimatum for him to return home the next morning.

“It seems like I wont get to see her before I leave.” A bitter smile surfaced on his usually energetic face, and a cloud of gloominess shrouded his usually joyful personality.


Someone had kicked the door open without any warning, and Tang Nazhi turned toward that noise.

A familiar petite figure appeared in his line of sight.

“Xiaoxiao Youve returned” Like a faithful wife who waited for her husbands return, Tang Nazhis gloomy mood immediately lifted when he saw his comrade.

His signature smile also blossomed on his face.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi coldly as she walked toward the long sofa without saying a single word.

She crossed her arms as she stared at the smiling Tang Nazhi with indifference.

He had already taken off the long robes, which represented the Herbalist Divisions purple class, and his cyan gown had made his slender physique look more handsome.

“Xiao… xiao” Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao with cautiousness.

The usually gentle little girl radiated a strong sense of displeasure and even some hints of coldness.

“Young Master Tang, what a good hobby you have.

Are you so tired of school that you just decided to pack up your bag and leave for home Have you packed all your belongings Do you need some money for your journey home” Shen Yanxiaos soft voice had a tone that could choke one to death.

Tang Nazhis expression stiffened from her odd tone of speech, and he wiped his cold sweat discreetly as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.

“Youve heard about it then” Tang Nazhi tried to test the waters.

Shen Yanxiao sneered and said, “All I know is that my friends belongings had vanished when I returned to the dormitory.

Its hard not to notice that.”

Tang Nazhi let out an awkward laugh.

“To be fair, I should have left a long time ago.

With my lack of talents, Im not suited to become an herbalist.

I insisted on becoming one because of my one-track mind.

My results have only been fair while Im here, so theres no need for me to stay.”

“Oh” Shen Yanxiao quirked an eyebrow.

“Does that mean Young Master Tang has decided to leave”

Tang Nazhi was surprised as he was unaccustomed to the way Shen Yanxiao had talked to him.

If the former Shen Yanxiao was a gentle and quiet little rabbit, then at that moment, she was an indifferent and evil-tongued snake.

The difference was like heaven and earth!

However, no matter what she said, Tang Nazhi knew that he could not return to the Herbalist Division again.

He said with a bitter smile, “I know that you would be angry if I were to leave just like that.”

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