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Chapter 414: Return (2)

Evil Wolf was still in shock when he looked at their devastating losses.

They were fortunate that their leader had made a brilliant decision.

Otherwise, they would be ones crying then.

“Leader, that kid, Huo Xiao, has yet to return.” Evil Wolf had surveyed his surroundings, but he did not see that deadweight anywhere.

He was worried about him.

When they had to face the might of the Phoenixes, the big and tall men could not even care for themselves, let alone a little kid.

Even though the kid was quite smart, he was still a child! Thus, Evil Wolf was quite worried about the kids safety.

Du Lang sighed and said, “If I am right, he would not have been in any danger.

Well wait for him here.” For some reason, Du Lang felt that Huo Xiao was connected to the appearance of the third mythical beast at Mount Kuluo.

Unfortunately, they were very far from that location, and so they did not see the third mythical beast.

Evil Wolf said nothing after that, but he continued to look around Mount Kuluo discreetly as he prayed for the kids safety.

After the mercenary leaders took a short rest, they organized their subordinates.

They had sworn at their clients entire eighteen generations for the ordeal that they had to go through.

They were also annoyed at the clients disappearance, and they could not even find the black-roved man who was responsible for this carriage.

Since they could not locate the perpetrator, some of the mercenary leaders were not willing to linger at that god-forsaken place.

Furthermore, most of their men were injured and required treatment.

In any case, the employer was nowhere to be seen, and their commissions were stored at the Mercenary Guild.

They might as well pack up to leave that place.

Only the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group remained there as the other mercenary groups left the area.

Except for Du Lang and Evil Wolf, no one else believed that Huo Xiao was still alive.

However, since they had spent so much time with the kid, they were reluctant to leave him behind.

So they all waited in silence.

When the sun descended, most of them had already given up hope.

However, just when they were in despair, two petite figures slowly walked out from the foot of the mountain.

With their backs against the evening sun, Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird walked out Mount Kuluo.

From afar, she noticed that the mercenaries had waited for her.

“They didnt leave” Shen Yanxiao was surprised at their wait.

They were mere acquaintances, and after the Phoenix attack, their top priority should have been to leave that god-forsaken place the first chance they had.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised to see that they had not left, and instead, they had waited outside Mount Kuluo for her return.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and thought to herself,This is not a bad feeling, right

“Vermilion Bird, can you change your appearance” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Even a fool could see that he was not a human with his scarlet eyes and a headful of flaming red hair.


The Vermillion Bird was still depressed, but he did not resist her request.

In the blink of an eye, his flame-colored long hair turned black while his scarlet eyes became dark brown.

Except for the exquisiteness of his face, he looked completely human.

Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird gradually approached the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Before she reached them, however, Evil Wolf pounced toward her like a tiger and rested his palm on her head.

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