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Chapter 411: I Dont Want To Take Care of a Child (2)

At that moment, the problem they had was with the Vermilion Bird, who was at the same level as the two Phoenixes.

It was a tricky problem.

If someone were to encounter the same situation, they would have immediately agreed without any hesitation.

A young Phoenix would eventually be a mythical-level beast, and who would not want to obtain one of the most powerful magical creatures in the world

Of course, an ancient mythical beast like the Vermillion Bird would choose to be so ruthless against a youngling of the same species.

The couple looked at the Vermilion Bird with a perplexed expression.

The main reason they wanted to entrust their child to Shen Yanxiao was the little Phoenixs closeness with the Vermilion Bird.

However, if the Vermilion Bird would not budge, they would not be able to resolve the situation.

So, they could only pin their hopes on Shen Yanxiao.

“I know it is an arduous task for you to care for our child.

However, we have no other alternative option at this time.

If you are willing to care for our child, we promise to help you with one favor in the future.

As long as it is something that we can accomplish, we would do it.” The Phoenix-man spoke with sincerity.

Their child was too weak, and they did not want to bring it with them while they went in search of a safe location for a new nest.

It was an enticing promise, and Shen Yanxiao was very tempted.

Even if they had not made that vow, she would have made the Vermillion Bird accept the task at hand anyway.

The little Phoenix might be weak at that moment, but it will eventually mature into a powerful magical beast.

She lacked power at the moment, and so if she took the little Phoenix under her wing, it would serve as another guarantee for her future.

Plus, its parents would owe her a favor too.

Shen Yanxiao thought it was foolish to reject their request.

One more mythical beast was always good for the count; it was no trouble at all.

“Vermillion Bird, you started this mess anyway.

Why did you have to poke at someone elses egg The little Phoenix might have been ready to hatch, but if it were not for your fire-elements, would it have hatched in advance Or take you as its parent If it were not for you, its parents would not have rushed back to the save, and we would have left after I grabbed the Flame Grass.

There wouldnt be any misunderstanding at all.

Not only did you take away their role as parents, you even destroyed their home.

Dont you think you should bear some responsibility for this” Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms and glared at the Vermilion Bird with a displeased expression.

The Vermillion Birds curiosity had caused most of their problems at that moment.

If it were not for that, the subsequent events would not have occurred either.

The Vermilion Birds fury instantly cooled when Shen Yanxiao scolded him.

There was also guilt on his face, something that would probably appear once in a blue moon.

“I was only looking around casually.

Who knew it would jump out of its shell” The Vermillion Bird felt aggrieved by the accusations.

Even though he had lived for millions of years, he had never seen a youngling of his species.

Therefore, he was curious about it and wanted to see what a magical beasts egg looked like.

How could he expect the egg to hatch so coincidentally

The Vermilion Bird knew that Shen Yanxiaos argument was valid.

He had stronger fire-elements than the Phoenixes, and therefore, the egg would also hatch much faster in his presence.

Shen Yanxiao smiled when she realized that she had been right about it, and she turned toward the Phoenix-man.

“When did you expect the egg to hatch”

The man answered, “We were only expecting it to hatch in the next three days.”

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