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Chapter 410: I Dont Want To Take Care of a Child (1)

“…” It took a few moments before Shan Yanxiao could react to the news.




They wanted to entrust the little Phoenix to them while they looked for a new nest

Shen Yanxiao did not know that their decision was also out of helplessness.

Even though an adult Phoenix was powerful, a young Phoenix was weak and required a hundred percent care and protection from its parents during their growth.

On ordinary occasions, the adult Phoenix would search for a safe location before they laid their egg so that they could wait for it to hatch.

They had wanted Mount Kuluo to be that place.

However, they did not expect continuous harassment from the humans, and if they had not already laid the egg, they would have left that place a long time ago.

Their nest had been destroyed, and they would need some time to reconstruct a new one, and until they could do that, their offspring would remain in danger.

The Phoenixes had witnessed Xius strength, and Shen Yanxiao also had a mythical beast that was more powerful than them that.

That was why they wanted Shen Yanxiao to care for the youngling while they looked for a new nest.

Their nest at Mount Kuluo had been exposed so they could not continue to stay there.

To search for a new home was a journey filled with uncertainties, and they did not want their child to endure that hardship with them.

That mysterious man was so powerful that they believed no one would be able to harm their child if they left it with them.

Most importantly!!!

Most importantly…

Their child seemed to have regarded the Vermilion Bird as its family.

If they were to take it away forcefully, it might not even acknowledge them as its birth parents.

It might even instinctively turn hostile toward them.

The couple had no choice but to make such a decision.

They could only wait for the little Phoenix to grow up and for them to find a safe location before they fetched their child from Shen Yanxiao.

That was the best solution for their situation.

The Phoenixs request shocked her.

Shen Yanxiao knew the little Phoenixs importance to its parents, but she was also familiar with mens greedy nature.

The mission had failed, but they would continue to harass the Phoenixes.

Therefore, they had made the right decision.

However, there was still another problem…

Shen Yanxiao silently shifted her line of sight to the Vermilion Bird.

The little Phoenix did not want her; he was the one the youngling needed.


When she saw the Phoenixs ashen complexion, she did not even need to ask to know what that little grandpa would say.

If he did not lose to the Phoenixes, he would have probably thrown the little Phoenix back at them.

How could he possibly allow it to jump around his head

“Absolutely not! I wont agree to this!” The Vermilion Bird had refuted the request the moment he heard it.

Shen Yanxiao felt helpless when she saw how the Vermilion Bird had exploded.

When the Phoenix-woman saw the Vermilion Birds reaction, she immediately teared up and said.

“Little brother, I know that you are unhappy, but our child really likes you.

Please, help us to take care of our child.

Its only for a short while.

When we find a new home, we will immediately come back for our child.”

“Who are you calling little brother I am older than both of your ages combined! I wont agree with this, no way! I dont want to take care of a little creature.” The Vermilion Bird resisted until the end.

He was already tired when he had to take care of an idiot for a master.

If he had to care for a youngling as well, he could not imagine how dull his future days would be.

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