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Chapter 408: Phoenixs Request (2)

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The two Phoenixes did not dare to attack them.

Firstly, the mysterious man was too powerful, and secondly, it was because of their youngling…

When they no longer intended to attack their opponents, the two Phoenixes suddenly transformed into two balls of flames that gradually shrunk as they slowly descended to the ground.

The moment they landed, the fire had shrunk into two human forms before a man and woman appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao.

That man was extremely handsome.

He had a headful of fiery-colored long hair that reached the ground and wore a long robe made of flame feathers.

His long and narrow eyes carried a trace of arrogance, and there was a flame mark in between his brows.

The woman by his side was dressed rather elegantly, and she was also a first-class beauty.

Her physique was much smaller than her mate, and that made people feel as if they should protect her in their embrace.

Mythical-level magical beasts could morph into human forms, and the couple was the pair of Phoenixes that resided on Mount Kuluo.

The Vermilion Bird also followed suit as he transformed into his human form.

Even though he had shrunk into a smaller form, there was still a petite little creature on top of his head.

“Chu” The little Phoenix seemed to be curious about the Vermilion Birds change in outer appearance.

Its mini claws grabbed onto his hair tightly as it squirmed before it exposed its head to look around.

When the pair of Phoenixes saw how their child had acted, they could not stop the embarrassment that crept up to their faces.

“Our child has a playful temperament.

Ill apologize on its behalf.” The Phoenix-man could already guess what had transpired, and he noticed the twitch on the Vermilion Birds face.

Most of the mythical-level magical beasts were arrogant and indifferent.

Therefore, they would not be pleased to have a young magical beast to suddenly clung to them.

The Vermilion Bird coldly snorted, but he remained silent.

His pride had already been severely damaged when the pair of Phoenixes defeated him.

He was pretty depressed about it.

They would not have been able to do that if it were not for his injury.

Shen Yanxiao was familiar with the Vermilion Birds personality.

However, the pair of Phoenixes did not seem unreasonable either.

The fight was most probably started when they saw how the Vermilion Bird had thrown their child out of the cave.

It was still the Vermilion Birds fault!

“Its alright.

It was all a misunderstanding,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

The petite female Phoenix glanced at the little Phoenix with the Vermilion Bird again and said in a grieving tone, “We would not have attacked you if it were under normal circumstances.

Our egg was about to hatch, and there had been multiple attempts to steal our egg before this.

So we have been pretty nervous about it.

When we saw this brother threw our child from our nest, we saw you as the enemy.

Now that we know this brother is also a mythical beast, I believe that you would not have targeted my youngling.” The Phoenix-woman spoke in a soft and sweet voice; it was very soothing to those who heard it.

Xiu was right; the Phoenixes were proud and aloof, but they also had a kind temperament.

They would not have attacked unless provoked.

They had acted the way they did because they had been enraged by those who tried to steal their egg.

They could only conceive once every thousand years, and so one could understand the importance of that egg to them.

The thieves who had attempted the thievery had crossed their bottom line.

After the Phoenixes fury had receded, they could finally talk to the human and the mythical beast in front of them.

The Vermillion Bird was more powerful than either of those Phoenixes.

If they had not combined their strength, they would not have been his match.


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