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Chapter 407: Phoenixs Request (1)

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At the peak of Mount Kuluo, a small, round, and fluffy little creature flapped its almost negligible small wings.

When it was finally on the ground, it clumsily made its way toward the Vermilion Bird, who was frozen on the spot.

“Chu~ Chu~” When it finally approached the Vermilion Bird, the little Phoenix chirped happily at him.

Then it pounced onto the Vermilion Birds claws and used all its limbs to slowly inch upwards.

All the other magical beasts were in extreme shock, and they could only look on helplessly at that little creature as it climbed up to the Vermilion Birds head.

When it arrived at its destination, it immediately snuggled into the Vermilion Birds puffy feathers.

It shook its body left and right until it found the most comfortable position and sat there.

The two Phoenixes were thoroughly speechless.

What just happened

What had happened

Why was their offspring so intimate with the enemy Did it not remember that the enemy had tossed it out of their nest just moments ago

The Phoenixes were bitter when they saw their youngling snuggled with the enemy.

They had wanted to be affectionate with their offspring too.

The Vermilion Bird was also annoyed.

Why was the little Phoenix so courageous to approach him Had it not noticed how its parents wanted to burn him into ashes

“Chu!” The little Phoenix was utterly unaware of the grave thoughts in the other three mythical beasts minds.

It only wanted to snuggle with the Vermilion Bird, and it was very comfortable with his familiar fire-elements.

The situation had become so odd.

They were ready to fight, but things turned weird with the little Phoenixs actions.

The two Phoenixes were not fearful of the Vermilion Bird, but they were terrified of Xiu.

They knew that they were not his opponent and so they had no intention to fight him.

Furthermore, their youngling was already in their hands, so how were they supposed to fight him then

That youngling had clung to them on its own accord, and it was a sight that they could not bear to see.

The Vermilion Birds anger had dissipated when it saw the little Phoenix.

He had suffered a defeat at its parents hands just a moment before that, but he could not possibly vent his anger on that little creature, could he

He was a mythical beast with principles!

If the enemy remained unmoved, then it should do the same.

At that moment, one could only hear the little Phoenixs joyful chirps.

Even fools could see that the young Phoenix had acknowledged the Vermilion Bird as its family.

How could its birth parents endure that

However, it seemed like the fight would no longer continue.

When Xiu was sure that the two Phoenixes would not attack them, he immediately placed Shen Yanxiao beneath the Vermilion Birds wings, and then he returned to her body.

All the living beings on Mount Kuluo could finally breathe in relief when Xiu left, and the extreme pressure disappeared with him.

The pain that Shen Yanxiao had experienced also decreased with Xius disappearance.

She touched her chest, and it felt as if everything had returned to normal, and the acute pain that she had experienced was only an illusion.

Was that because of Xiu

Shen Yanxiao fell into deep thoughts.

That was the first time she had experienced Xius strength, and she finally knew the power of the Seven Star Moon Seal in her.

However, that was not the time to ponder about all those things.

Shen Yanxiao stood up and looked at the pair of Phoenixes.

The trouble that the Vermilion Bird had caused had to be resolved.

However, after Xiusshock therapy, she believed that the pair of Phoenixes would not dare to attack them again.

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