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The Phoenixes were afraid.

From the moment they were born, that was the first time that they had felt fear.

Xiu was merely suspended in mid-air, and he did not budge an inch, but those two Phoenix also did not dare to move the slightest.

Shen Yanxiaos chest hurt so badly that she almost thought that it had been torn apart.

Cold sweat continued to trickle from her forehead.

Xiu seemed to have noticed her discomfort, and he ignored the two silly Phoenixes as he floated toward her.

Then he reached out to carry Shen Yanxiao, who was about to collapse onto the ground.

Even though he had carried her, Shen Yanxiao did not feel the sensation of his skin.

She did feel the invisible force that had held her up, but there was no warmth nor sense of touch.

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao, who had sweated profusely and said, “Bear with it for a few more moments.” He knew the reason she was in that condition.

When he appeared, he did not suppress his strength so that he could deter the Phoenixes.

Even though he was not as powerful as he had been, it was still not something that Shen Yanxiao could withstand so easily.

Furthermore, he had forced himself out of her body with his spiritual energy, and he had barely managed to conceal his silhouette.

He did not only consume his spiritual energy when he did that, but his actions could also potentially harm her body.

However, the little kid and the Vermillion Bird would be in great danger had he not appeared.

Xius voice was still as cold as ice, but that was the first time that Shen Yanxiao had heard his voice through her ears.

It was very different from the usual spiritual transmittance, and it sounded very real.

It was as if he was just right by her ears as he spoke.

Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and remained silent.

How could she possibly have the spare energy to reply to him

Xiu carried her and glanced at the Phoenixes with indifference.

“Youre merely thousand-year-old mythical beasts, and if you wish for a battle, this lord shall give it to you.”

Xius voice was very light and faint, and yet they could feel a chill that crept up to their hearts.

The pair of Phoenixes were startled; how would they dare to fight against Xiu

When it was only the Vermilion Bird, even though it was a mythical beast, they would still fight it without any hesitation for the sake of their youngling.

However, they knew the limitation of their strength.

They could not even gauge that mans strength, and when Xiu had emerged, they had sensed the significant change throughout Mount Kuluo.

That kind of powerful pressure was not something they could compare!

The two Phoenixes did not dare to make any rash movements while Xiu remained still.

Thus, the atmosphere at the mountains peak was in a standstill.

The magical beasts and human beings in the mountain could only suffer.

Xius aura had even managed to change the Phoenixes complexions, let alone the ordinary humans and other magical beasts.

The intense pressure continued, and even Du Lang and those with advanced professions had to rest on the ground due to extreme exhaustion.

They did not know what had happened at the mountain peak, but even the battle between those three mythical beasts was not as terrifying as that strange situation.

The seven wolves sat on the ground as they panted, and Du Langs condition was not better either.

As for those black-cloaked men who had wanted to sneak into the Phoenixes nest, they had been struck dumb by that terrifying pressure.

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