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Chapter 402: Battle between Mythical Beasts (2)

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“Be careful.” Shen Yanxiao immediately left after she said that and concealed herself within the dense forest.

Anything that she said beyond that would seem too pretentious.

The Vermilion Bird was already at a disadvantage as he had to fight against two opponents.

If she were to remain due to her concern for him, she would become his burden instead.

When he made sure that Shen Yanxiao had found a hiding place, the Vermillion Bird looked at the two massive Phoenixes with a smirk on his lips.

“Youre only a Phoenix.

I have not feared anyone since the day I was born; just come at me together!” The Vermilion Birds immature voice had a natural domineering tone, and the moment his body, he said that his body exploded with intense light.

The light expanded infinitely as it gradually formed a sizable flaming bird in the sky.

When the blinding light faded, a massive bird with flames that covered its entire body had appeared in the sky as it attacked the two Phoenixes.

The three mythical beasts caused waves and waves of earthquakes on Mount Kuluo.

All the magical beasts had sensed the might of those powerful beasts, and none of them had dared to venture outside their lairs.

It was not a confrontation that ordinary magical beasts could participate.

The might of those three mythical beasts were enough to make all magical beasts surrender their will.

The three massive, fiery figures intertwined together in an instant, and many flares of light exploded as some remnant flames devoured the surrounding dense forest.

In the blink of an eye, the entire peak of Mount Kuluo lit up in a sea of fire.

At the base of the mountain, those fleeing mercenaries had been shocked senseless by what they had witnessed.

They had initially believed that the Phoenix was the most powerful being in the world, and they had never expected a more powerful mythical beast would suddenly appear on the mountain.

Since they were quite far away from the peak of the mountain, they could only see the vague figure of the flaming bird that fought with the Phoenixes.

Unfortunately, they could not get a better look at it.

“Three mythical beasts! Oh, heavens! What is this Mount Kuluo Why are there so many mythical beasts here” Everyone had gone mad, and they no longer cared for their dear lives.

Instead, they stood rooted to the spot as they watched the once-in-a-lifetime battle between those three mythical beasts.

Du Langs hands had already started to tremble as an astonishing thought surfaced in his mind.

He sensed that Huo Xiaos departure and that flaming birds appearance were clearly connected.

As the Vermilion Bird and the Phoenixes fought on the mountain top, a large area had been covered with flames.

As Shen Yanxiao tried her best to avoid the raining flames, she also paid attention to the fierce battle in the sky.

In a fight against two opponents, she was surprised to see that the Vermillion was not at a disadvantage as he fought off the Phoenixes attacks.

She could sense the powerful energy radiated by all three of the mythical beasts where she stood.

She knew that it was a fight that she could not interfere.

“The Vermilion Bird cannot continue to fight against the Phoenixes as he is still injured.

Even though they seemed equally matched, they would probably injure the Vermillion Bird if the fight were to drag on,” Xius icy-cold voice echoed in Shen Yanxiaos mind as he brought her the bad news.

“The Vermilion Bird is injured” Shen Yanxiao was momentarily stunned.

She had not noticed any signs of injuries on the Vermilion Bird since she had signed the contract with him.

However, Xiu would not mention that for no reason at all.

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