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Chapter 401: Battle between Mythical Beasts (1)

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The temperature of those flames could turn iron into molten.

Just as the fireballs were about to reach them, two dragon-shaped flames leaped out of the Vermilion Birds hands to slam against those two fireballs.

Those four powerful flames met head-one to cause a huge shockwave that also shook the entire nest.

The Vermilion Bird transformed into a streak of flame as it rapidly flew toward Shen Yanxiao.

He lifted her with just one arm, and then he flew out of the cave with her.

The very next moment, cracks started to appear around the cave before it collapsed instantaneously.

Just as the Vermilion Bird brought Shen Yanxiao out of the cave, the two Phoenixes also dashed out of their nests.

The entire Mount Kuluo shook from that massive shockwave.

The mercenaries who were fortunate enough to have escaped from the wrath of the Phoenixes felt the earthquake, and one by one, they looked toward the epicenter in horror.

They could only see the two massive Phoenixes suspended in mid-air above Mount Kuluos peak.

However, there was also a ball of red light that was no less inferior than the Phoenixes nearby.

“Whats that” Evil Wolf looked at the anomaly on the mountains peak as he could not believe what he had seen.

Du Lang was also stunned by the scene before them.

How could he not discern that those two Phoenixes were fighting against a powerful opponent

However, what kind of terrifying existence was that opponent that it could hold its ground against those two mythical-level beasts

The Vermilion Bird hovered right above the Kuluo Mountains peak as he pulled Shen Yanxiao and fought against those two furious Phoenixes at the same time.

The Vermilion Birds child-like size and appearance might have looked insignificant when compared to those two massive Phoenixes, but his aura was not inferior to theirs.

Sounds of Phoenixes cries reverberated throughout the horizon.

“There are only two of you, and you would dare to fight me!” The Vermilion Bird narrowed his scarlet eyes as he looked at the Phoenixes without the slightest hint of fear.

The Phoenixes might have been mythical-level beasts, but so was the Vermillion Bird.

They were not his match in a one-to-one fight, and even if both of them were to attack him, the Vermillion Bird was not afraid of them.

The Phoenixes were mythical-level beasts, and so they could sense the little guys peculiarity.

They thought that he was a human, and so they did not expect that he would radiate such pure fire-element.

It was evident that they were of the same species, and his strength was a notch higher than them.

The two Phoenixes were determined to fight it out with the Vermilion Bird, and the smaller bird had also sensed his opponents animosity.

He immediately pushed Shen Yanxiao behind his back and whispered, “When we start to fight, find a place and hide.

With that bastard, Xiu, by your side, I dont think youll be in any danger.

I wont be able to care for your safety while I fight.

You had better not blame me if you decide to run out there to court death.”

The Vermillion Bird might have said all those in a rude tone, but his words were of care and concern for his master.

How could Shen Yanxiao possibly be unaware of it

She was the cream of the crop in the Saint Laurent Academy, but it seemed like she lacked the skills to deal with mythical-level Phoenixes.

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