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Chapter 400: Little Phoenix (3)

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Shen Yanxiao could only look on helplessly at the Vermillion Birds savage actions.

However, before she had a chance to speak, the furry little red ball transformed into a streak of light that dashed outside the cave.

The next moment, the two Phoenixes cries echoed throughout the horizon.

The little furry ball was thrown into a warm embrace in the blink of an eye before it even understood the situation.

One of the Phoenixes extended its wings to grab their youngling thatflew toward their direction.

Just moments ago, they had sensed it when their offspring had hatched.

How could they focus their attention on the humans after that Then they immediately made their way toward the nest, toward their egg.

They did not expect that they would need to catch the hatchling the moment they arrived at their nest.

The Phoenixes exploded in a fury.

Compared to its parents size, one could easily overlook the palm-sized little Phoenix.

The little Phoenix was confused when it was thrown out of the cave.

Its round body shivered n dizziness when its birth parents embraced it.

Its parents heart ached when they saw its trembling appearance.

They carefully placed their offspring in the wings before they glared at the unwelcomed guests in their lair.

Shen Yanxiao was shocked by the Vermilion Birds rough actions, and before they could decide to save that unlucky little creature, its birth parents had returned.

It was a horrible situation.

Even though Shen Yanxiao did nothing to harm the little creature, the Vermillion Bird had tossed it out of the cave.

Unfortunately for them, its birth parents had seen that regrettable action.

Even if she had the gift of gab, it looked like she would not be able to talk them out of that little crime!

A pair of Phoenixes could only conceive an egg in a thousand years, and it was vital for them to be there when the egg hatched.

They had kept watch by its side, but they did not expect the humans would interrupt their vigil.

Since their egg had hatched that day, the Phoenixes would disregard all consequences to expel those who were there to harass them.

They had already driven off two groups of humans, but a third group had broken into their lair!

As soon as they reached their nest, they saw that someone had tossed their offspring out of the nest.

So, how could they not be angry

Flames of fury ignited on their bodies, and the temperature in the cave shot up to a terrifying degree.

“Vermilion Bird, you stinky brat.

Im going to get killed all because of you!” Shen Yanxiao looked at the furious pair of Phoenix, and she had no doubts that those two massive monsters would attack them.

She felt so blameless in that situation.

She was only there to get some Flame Grass, and she did not have any design about that little Phoenix at all.

She did not know why the Vermillion Bird would poke at the egg.

Just look at what had happened! Not only did the egg hatched, but the Vermillion Bird had also hurled it in front of its parents.

It would be difficult to fight those Phoenixes.

The Vermilion Bird rubbed his arm as the little Phoenixs actions had left a fluffy sensation on his arm.

As for the Phoenixes rage, he had decided to turn a blind eye to it.

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