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Chapter 393: Another One (2)

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However, no amount of regrets could change the situation.

The Phoenixs flames of fury burnt whatever it could see, and many of the mercenaries who could not escape were burnt to ashes.

The mercenary leaders who managed to flee could only look on helplessly as their men were turned to dust.

Their hearts ached as they cursed their client who seemed to have disappeared from their sight.

Flames, extreme temperatures, and sounds of wails shrouded the peak of Mount Kuluo.

Shen Yanxiao hid in a concealed spot, and she was shocked by the havoc that the Phoenix had caused.

That was the power of a Phoenix

Even though she knew that the Vermilion Bird was mighty, she had never experienced the might of a mythical-level beast.

The strength of the Phoenix was on par with the Vermilion Bird.

Did that mean the Vermillion Bird could do the same thing

Shen Yanxiao could not associate the Phoenix that had decimated countless men with that proud little guy.

Aside from shock, Shen Yanxiaos heart also ached.

Before the Phoenix emerged, it had released a sea of flames that burned the Flame Grass in front of its nest into ashes.

Shen Yanxiao could only sigh when she saw the Flame Grass that had been turned to dust.

“Just attack them if you are angered.

Why did you have to launch such a wide-range attack My Fame Grass!!!” Shen Yanxiao gripped her chest as she felt like she would vomit blood.

However, Xiu did not care about that problem.

When the Phoenix made its appearance, he had sensed that something amiss.

“Do not worry.

There will be more Flame Grass nearer to its nest.

The Phoenixs action today seemed to be somewhat unusual.”

“Unusual Whats so unusual about it When she heard that there were still Flame Grass available, Shen Yanxiao immediately swallowed the blood that rose to her throat.

“Even though the Phoenix is a mythical-level beast with a proud temperament, they would rarely kill.

Those people had merely startled the Phoenix, and if it were behaving normally, it would not launch such a wide-spread attack.” Xiu saw the massacre scene through Shen Yanxiaos eyes and felt that something was amiss.

“Furthermore, before we entered Mount Kuluo, the Vermilion Bird and I had sensed the abundance of fire elements, and it is much more powerful than the Lava Valley.

However, this Phoenix is probably slightly weaker than the Vermilion Bird, and it definitely could not radiate that much fire element.

I feel that something is wrong here.

You should remain here for the time being and watch the scene unfold first.” Xiu reminded Shen Yanxiao as he did not want her to go to the nest immediately after he told her about the Flame Grass.

“Are you saying that this Phoenix is weaker than the Vermilion Bird” Shen Yanxiao managed to catch Xius main point.

“From the looks of it, yes.

Theres barely any difference between their powers, and if they were to fight, the Vermillion Bird had a higher chance at winning it.

Even though the Phoenix is a magical beast, it deviates more toward a spirit beast.

Of course, it could not compare to one of the five ancient mythical beasts in a fight.” Xiu had been hostile toward the Vermillion Bird, but he was rather just in his evaluation.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

She did not expect that the Vermillion Bird would be that powerful.

It seemed like she had underestimated him all along.

It had not even been half a year since Shen Yanxiao transmigrated into that world.

No one would blame her if she miscalculated the Vermillion Birds might.

She was still unfamiliar with most things in the world, and she had mistakenly regarded the magical beasts as creatures with magical powers.

She had not expected them to be that powerful.

It had only been such a short time, and so Shen Yanxiaos information was limited as well.

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