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Chapter 392: Another One (1)

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The Phoenixs appearance had crushed the mercenaries confidence into dust.

In the presence of such a powerful magical beast, no one dared to move a single step.

The large group of mercenaries stood rooted to their spot like a stone statue while their magical beasts sprawled on the ground as they trembled.

What exactly was a mythical-level beast

A mythical-level beast was like gods.

They were powerful, sacred, and irresistible, and even the fiercest magical beast could not defeat a mythical-level beast.

At that very moment, everyones hearts were filled with dread.

Du Lang stood at the rear of the group as he looked at the massive and sacred Phoenix with shock in his eyes.

He had correctly guessed that the Phoenix was not just a simple eighth-ranked magical beast.

He had also predicted that it would be more powerful than anyones expectations.

No word could aptly describe the shock that he felt when he was the creature of rumor.

Phoenixes were presumed to be extinct for more than a few centuries, but it looked like it had reemerged in the world once again to instill fear in its inhabitants.

“Huo Xiao was right.” Du Lang muttered in disbelief as he recalled what Shen Yanxiao said before she left.

At that moment, he rejoiced.

He celebrated the fact that he had discerned greatness from a mediocre-looking person and spared no effort to invite that young man into their group.

If it were not for the reminder that Shen Yanxiao had given him before she left, he would have led his entire group to the frontline.

If that were to happen, then it would be a calamity that would lead to their destruction!

“Leader… Is that the Phoenix” The other six wolves complexions had turned deathly white.

They were well-known for their strength and bravery in Black City, but they could not even muster a single ounce of courage in the presence of the Phoenix.

Du Lang fiercely gritted his teeth and gave them his command.

“Everyone, get your magical beasts and evacuate from this area.

Theres a discrepancy with the missions information, and we must not stay here any longer!”

The moment Du Lang issued that command, the Phoenix began to unleash its dissatisfaction toward the humans who had invaded its territory.

Waves of flames descended from above them, and then it scattered onto the earth like a rain of fire.

Every cluster of the blaze was the size of a palm, and it immediately devoured those it touched.

At that moment, sounds of heart-wrenching wails reverberated across Mount Kuluo.

Some of the mercenaries managed to recover from their shock, and they tried their best to make their escape.

However, the Phoenixs fury had yet to subside.

It fanned its wing, and a sea of flames swept across the earth like a gale.

Blood-curdling screams permeated the air.

How could those mercenaries, who managed to escape, find the courage to fight that mythical-level beast They could only flee as they were afraid that the Phoenixs fury would devour them.

The temperature at the peak of Mount Kuluo continued to rise, and the temperature proceeded to cook everyones flesh.

They sweated profusely due to the heat, but they could not care about that since they had to escape in haste.

None of them had expected to face a mythical-level beast in a mission to kill an eighth-ranked magical beast! If they had known about that sooner, would they still overestimate their abilities and proceed with the mission to court death

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