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Chapter 381: Secret Collaboration (2)

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No one else knew about the collaboration between Shen Yanxiao and Freud except for Xiu and the two of them.

Of course, if a certain mythical beast had not been in his dreamland, he would have heard about that as well.

In any case, a decision so severe that it could shake the entire Brilliance Continent had been made during a silent and odd night on Mount Kuluo.

Finally, the night scene changed as the sky gradually turned brighter.

Shen Yanxiao decided to end her exploration and returned to the camp.

She even had the time to take a short nap as the sky was still dimmed.

Unfortunately, she did not manage to sleep for long before a series of screams broke her out of her slumber.

At that moment, the camp was in a mess.

A group of mercenaries who had secretly snuck out in the night had fled back to the camp at daybreak.

They had looked miserable.

However, the more pressing matter was that they had three mid-level magical beasts on their tail!

Those three mid-level magical beasts were sixth-ranked Horned Rhinoceros.

Those beasts were sturdy and weighed about five to six tonnes while their skin was as solid as armor.

Their weight alone would cause most mercenaries to dread them, not to mention their large and sharp horns.

If those magical beasts were to go on a rampage and struck the mercenaries, it could break their bones.

In more severe cases, it could kill them as well.

If those horns were to pierce their body, then they would immediately get the chance to report to the King of Yama.

Typically, not even a mid-scale mercenary group would target magical beasts with thick skin and hard flesh.

All of them wondered how those rogue mercenaries managed to provoke three of those unruly beasts at once.

It was still early in the morning, and the sky had yet to brighten fully.

Most of the mercenaries were still asleep, and so they had failed to respond immediately when that group of massive and terrifying beasts suddenly attacked them.

As a result, those three Horned Rhinoceros had managed to turn the entire encampment upside down.

When Shen Yanxiao walked out from the tent, she saw those three magical beasts charged toward a crowd of mercenaries.

Then it struck them, and all of them fell onto the ground.

Most of the mercenaries had no chance to organize themselves, and so they fled all around the camp.

“A bunch of wastrels.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the group of scattered mercenaries with scorn.

Those people could not even deal with three Horned Rhinoceros, and they had wanted to fight against the Phoenix What a joke!

The Phoenix would probably burn them to their ashes as soon as they reached its nest.

“Huo Xiao, its too dangerous here.

Go back to the tent.” The noise had also awakened Evil Wolf.

However, he did not seem too alarmed.

He was still neatly dressed, and he wielded a sharp sword and heavy shield in his hands.

The arrival of those horned beasts had been too sudden, and the mercenaries had no time to prepare.

At that moment, they could only rely on their skills.

Based on that particular point, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group could instantly defeat the other groups.

“Brother Evil Wolf, Im afraid that the tent is not safe as well.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

If that horned beast were to dash toward them, what could a small little tent do

Evil Wolf thought about that for a moment before he agreed with her point.

“Then stick by me and dont run off on your own.

The leader and the rest of the group would deal with these horned beasts soon enough.”

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