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Chapter 377: High-levelled Demon (1)

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“Youre a high-level demon.” Shen Yanxiao did not care if the demon could rip her apart and devour her that very second.

Instead, she preferred to casually analyze the level of the demonic beast in front of her.

That monstrous young man chuckled and said, “Since you know that Im a demon, why didnt you shout, or be afraid You should know that theres a huge gap between me and those demons that youd usually see.

Even if a human expert were to stand before me, they can only resign to their fate and let me devour them.” It was interesting to see a kid who was not afraid of him.

“Will you let me go if I were to shout, or if I were afraid of you” Even though Shen Yanxiao did not know much about demonic beasts, she was quite familiar with their obstinate attitude toward things.

The frightful young man laughed in a low voice.

She was the first human in dozens of centuries to be so calm in his presence.

He was also shocked to learn that she was not only unafraid of him, but it also seemed like she did not loath demons either.

“If youre terrified, perhaps I can be more quick-handed with you.” The young man chuckled as he revealed his evil intentions toward her.

“Then, perhaps you can satisfy my dying wish before you eat me Are you really a high-level demon Is this your human form” Shen Yanxiao did not seem like she was aware of the danger around her.

Even though she did not know Xius plans, she knew that he would not let her die if she were to encounter any danger.

In a sense, Xius silence meant that she was not in any kind of danger.

However, was it not dangerous that she was face-to-face with a high-level demon that was about to swallow her whole

The demonic young man blinked.

He had never met a human who would still ask so many questions in the presence of a demon.

She did not beg for mercy, nor did she resist him.

Instead, she remained obediently rooted to her spot.

She had asked a series of questions about his identity, and it was as if the danger was not as crucial as his identity.

“My name is Freud, a demon of Mount Kuluo.

Compared to those ordinary demons that would eat whatever they could find, high-level demons have very high expectations of their food.” Since she was such a delicious prey, he could fulfill her curiosity before her death.

Freud had always believed that he was a demon with good taste.

“Food Do you mean humans However, you did not have humans with you when you lived underground with the Devil Clan.

So how did you survive” Perhaps she was sure that she was not in any danger, or maybe she felt lucky to have encountered such a demon, Shen Yanxiao had a sudden interest in the demons habits.

Freud pondered about her question and said, “We didnt use to eat humans.

However, the dark element that the Devil Clan provided us does not exist in the human world.

We could not find any real food, and so we could only decrease our hunger with human flesh.

Alas, human flesh is no substitute for what we consider real food.”

Demons were not the original inhabitants in the human continents.

Their existence there was the result of the battle between the gods and the devils.

Unfortunately, the path that connected the human world to the Devils Clan continent had been closed since, and all of the demons could only roam around the alien continent.

They might have survived with human flesh as part of their diet, but that would not allow them to increase their strength.

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