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She always thought of things that one would never have expected.

Everyone looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Even though she doubted that they would be so stupid to seek death like those group of idiots, she decided to add on to her initial comment so that they would not make the same mistake.

“If they were to discover a low-level magical beast that they could easily kill, but it escaped before they could attack, or perhaps it escaped into the forest after it was injured, do you think those idiots would abandon it They would definitely chase after it and thus, go further than our campsite.

Who could anticipate what would happen after that”

“Humans are greedy by nature.

Tell me, among those who had taken advantage of the situation and snuck out while they were on a mission, which of them were not greedy”

Greed would always cause one to overlook any important details, and it would almost always lead to a tragedy.

Shen Yanxiaos words prompted the seven wolves to think about what she had said.

If they were to discover an easy prey in a location that they believed to be safe, they would definitely go after it.

They would not have realized that they had gone further than they anticipated as they would be filled with a desire to kill the beast.

Even though the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group believed that Mount Kuluo was not as simple as it seemed, the rogue mercenaries did not have the same opinion.

Their guards would be down, and that would eventually lead to accidents.

The seven wolves shivered as they pondered about that.

Even though Shen Yanxiao had mentioned greed as the motive, they thought she was trying to hint about the dangers that surrounded Mount Kuluo.

Did she know something that they missed

Shen Yanxiao knew nothing about Mount Kuluo except for the twelfth-ranked Phoenix.

She merely talked about it based on the experiences that she had accumulated in the past.

Furthermore, Du Lang had mentioned that mid-level demons and magical beasts would have a certain level of intellect.

Who knew if the beasts had devised any plans to trap them If they did, then the mercenaries would have nowhere to turn to for help.

While the seven wolves were in deep thought, Du Lang passed an order to his men and told them not to wander too far away from the camp.

No matter what Shen Yanxiao meant, it would be better for them to exercise caution.

Shen Yanxiao did not continue to say anything as when she noticed that the rest of the group were in deep thoughts.

Her attention then drifted away from the group of idiotic mercenaries to the demons that hid on Mount Kuluo.

She wanted to see what a demon looked like.

Those in the Brilliance Continent regarded those creatures as their nightmare, but Xiu treated them like delicacies.

Xiu also mentioned that if she were to win the competition that was due in half a year, she would get a city in the Forsaken Land.

Then, he would force her to breed demons for him!

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao thought that her first priority would be to see an actual demonic beast.

If Du Lang and the rest of the team knew that Shen Yanxiao intended to venture into the forest, they would have jumped on her and forced that reckless little kid into the tent.

Unfortunately, no one knew about her plans.

By midnight, all the mercenaries in the camp had gone to sleep.

Shen Yanxiao took the chance to leave the camp discreetly, and she headed toward the pitch-black forest.

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