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Chapter 352: Set Off (3)

Shen Yanxiao listened attentively as she sat quietly in the back.

Du Lang and Evil Wolf did not exclude her deliberately from the conversation, and she deduced that Du Lang did not fully trust the information that the client had provided them.

There was also a possibility that he had his own doubts on whether the Phoenix was really an eighth-rank magical beast.

He seemed like a smart person, and Shen Yanxiao praised him for that.

She knew about the mistake with the Phoenixs rank because of the information that Xiu had given her.

However, Du Lang was utterly unaware of the same information, and he had based his suspicions on his keen senses and vigilance.

As she had expected, Du Lang was not a simple person.

That was made more transparent with his position as the leader of the top mercenary group in the Black City.

“Oh yes, how should I address you” Du Lang suddenly asked Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows and casually said, “You can call Huo Xiao.” The downside to having multiple personalities is the fact that she had to come with a lot of names.

Shen Yanxiao had never been good at that, so the simplest solution was to use names that revolved around her real one[1]

Shen Jue, Xiao Yan… Huo Yan was yet another name to be added to the pile.

Shen Yanxiao thought that her identity was rather complicated.

Du Lang asked, “Huo Xiao, what do you think about the information that the client had provided about the Phoenix”

Shen Yanxiao was surprised by Du Langs question.

It seemed like Du Lang really did have his doubts about the Phoenixs rank, and he wanted to get some information from her.


“Im not as knowledgeable about the Phoenix as you think I do.

I only know about some of their habits, but not much about their ranks at all.

After all, they have not been seen for centuries.” Shen Yanxiao decided to go with an ambiguous answer.

She was only there for the Flame Grass, so she did not need to reveal any information about the Phoenix.

If she were to disclose the real information about the Phoenixs rank to Du Lang, he would probably find an excuse to remove the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group from the mission.

After all, no matter how powerful the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was, they were still not comparable to magical beasts that were as strong as mythical ones.

If that were to happen, then she was the prime example of someone who had attempted to steal a chicken but lost the rice that she required as bait.

Du Lang did not give her an immediate response when he heard what she had said.

He only gave her a thoughtful glance.

He had a constant suspicion in the back of his mind that Huo Xiao had kept some information from him, and it was probably related to the Phoenix.

However, Huo Xiao was not a member of his group.

Instead, he was only a customer that he had invited along for the mission.

Even if he had his doubts, he could not force Huo Xiao to reveal it.

Evil Wolf threw a strange glance at his leader from his seat at the side.

Du Land had been very polite to their temporary member.

Even the six wolves had never received the same treatment from their leader.

When did his iron-blooded leader gain a softer side

The more he looked at them; the more Evil Wolf felt that Du Langs attitude toward Shen Yanxiao was rather strange.

Could the little kid have some powerful background

However, Evil Wolf could not see anything special about the dull little kid, no matter how he observed him.

The kids attire could be found in any random shop in the Black City, and there was absolutely nothing unique about them.

Except for the space ring on her finger, she had no other weapons or accessories on her.

Coupled with her young age and frail physique, Evil Wolf did not have an optimistic impression about that temporary member.

Furthermore, how did he end up as the little kids babysitter!

[1] 炎 = Yan, 火 = Huo.

SYX removed one of the 火 from her name to end up with Huo Yan

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