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The mans voice turned chilly as he spoke.

“For the sake of the mission, please let go of your prejudice against each other and cooperate well with one another.

I will give everyone a satisfactory remuneration once this mission is completed.”

All the leaders indicated that they would fully cooperate with the other groups.

No one would make life difficult when money was involved, even if they had disagreements before that.

When he was satisfied with the preparation, the client led everyone out of the city.

However, he did not say where they were headed, and he only told everyone to follow them in their carriages.

All the mercenaries traveled in their respective carriages when they left the Black City.

Horses and carriages were the mercenaries basic equipment as they often travel to faraway places.

Shen Yanxiao rode in the same carriage as Du Lang and Evil Wolf.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had thirteen wagons.

Three of those were to carry their food and daily necessities, and the other ten was for their transportation.

Except for Du Langs carriage, the other nine carriages had about six to seven people in it.

One of them would drive the wagon.

Five of their members also rode on horses, and they traveled in between those carriages.

The mercenaries carriages were not an item of luxury, but they were sturdy.

Therefore, the seats were rather bumpy as they journeyed on the road.

Shen Yanxiao was not a spoiled brat, and so she did not mind the condition of the carriage.

She sat at the back and eavesdropped on Du Lang and Evil Wolfs conversation.

“Leader, why do you think the client wont tell us where were going Why did they only tell us to follow their lead” Evil Wolf was curious.

They did not know their destination, and thus, they would not know the length of the journey.

The aimlessness of the trip made him feel uneasy.

Du Lang leaned against the carriage with his arms crossed.

Then he looked at the scenery outside the window with an air of indifference before he said, “The Phoenix is a rare magical beast, one that none had seen in centuries.

Perhaps they had paid a lot of money to find its location.

They did not tell us because they did not want anyone to leak that information to other people outside this group.”

The Phoenix was so rare that news about its lair would probably attract the attention of tens of thousands of people who would snatch it at any given opportunity.

Other than the advanced-level experts, there were still many other powerful beings in the Longxuan Empire.

If they had wanted to grab the Phoenix, no one could probably stop them.

Evil Wolf frowned.

Du Langs explanation was quite reasonable.

Even though their group had signed a nondisclosure agreement with the client, there might be unscrupulous characters amongst the large group of mercenaries who would not honor the deal.

If they knew the exact location of the Phoenixs nest, they might even sell that information to the highest bidder.

Most of the mercenaries were loyal and righteous men.

However, one could not discount the probability of a few bad apples in the mix.

“Leader, what do you think of our odds in this mission” Evil Wolf asked.

No one had seen a Phoenix, and at that moment, they only knew that their target was an eighth-ranked, high-level magical beast.

There was no guarantee that they would succeed even though they had a lot of people with them.

Du Lang replied, “If the information that the client had given us was accurate, then we should have enough manpower to take the Phoenix down.”

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