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None of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups members understood their leaders decision.

The kid was not only dead weight, but he also needed someone to take care of his safety.

That was simply extra work for the rest of them.

That mission required them to cooperate with other mercenary groups to deal with an eighth-ranked magical beast.

No one could predict the dangers that they would encounter along the way, nor could they guess the thoughts in Du Langs mind.

Shen Yanxiao could sense the members dissatisfaction with her, but they would not go against Du Lang.

Du Langs command was not something that the group would question, even if they disagreed with his decision.

They would never dare to say that out loud.

The leaders from the other groups sighed in relief when they realized that Du Lang had only been waiting for a kid.

The client stated that they only required the Phoenixs heart for that mission.

The members were free to distribute the other parts amongst themselves.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the most powerful team in that mission, so if they were to gain even more power from another ally, then the rest of the groups could only get a tiny share of the loot.

The client had prepared a handsome remuneration for those involved, but most of the leaders were more interested in the Phoenixs parts.

Even the Phoenixs feathers would fetch a high price, let alone its magical core.

After all, the Phoenixes had all but disappeared for the past hundreds of years.

If they could find one, then any items on its body would undoubtedly attract many buyers.

Every penny that they could get from the Phoenix was worth it.

The sun beamed across the plaza where more than a thousand mercenaries had gathered.

They had been waiting for quite some time, but the client had not appeared.

A few moments later, a small group of people walked toward the plaza.

The leader was a tall and strong man, and his simple attire seemed plain.

However, anyone with a keen eye would notice that the material was not something a commoner could afford.

Twelve black-robed men walked behind him, and all of them wore a blank expression on their faces as they followed their leader orderly.

It was quite easy to notice the presence of such a team at the Black City.

Du Lang stared at the group with a frown.

The six wolves behind him noticed their arrival as well.

“Leader, I dont think theyre as simple as they appear.

From the looks of their aura and posture, they could be in our line of work,” Magic Wolf whispered.

Du Lang nodded at that information.

Those groups of people did not look like ordinary folks.

However, they did not look familiar, and he knew that they were not mercenaries based in the Black City.

“We shall wait and see.”

The thirteen men walked to the plaza in a grandiose manner, and all of the mercenaries kept their stares at them.

The leader surveyed the mercenaries around him before he crossed his arms and shouted, “All of you are here for a single mission, and I was the one who issued it.”

The mercenaries at the plaza were stunned when he said that.

They had not expected the group of aggressive-looking people to be their clients.

Some of the leaders could even guess the level of their strength from the way those thirteen people moved.

The man continued to say, “I have invited all the mid-sized mercenary groups in the Black City for the sole purpose of this mission.

I do not care about your past disagreements, and I do not want anyone causing trouble for the duration of the mission.

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