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More than a dozen mid-sized mercenary groups had gathered at the public plaza, and each group had occupied a particular area.

The most prominent group there was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

Their numbers could not compare to some similar-sized groups as they had always had the least members.

However, they were also the top mercenary group in the Black City, and no other group had managed to dethrone them.

Du Lang stood at the central area of the plaza with his eighty-plus men.

His tall and mighty physique was amplified by the fully back attire that he wore.

It made him look pretty heroic.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups elite members stood near him, and all of them seemed as spirited as bright torches.

All of them also had a golden and brilliant badge on their chests, and it had the image of a powerful and domineering wolf head on it.

Those eighty-plus people represented the top mercenary group in the Black City.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group might not have the most members, but their collective strength was the mightiest in the city.

They also had the most numbers of high-level skilled mercenaries.

If one had to point out the most fearsome member in that group, that person was the one with the code name Lone Wolf, and that was Du Lang.

He was a twelfth-rank Advanced Swordsman, and he was also only a step away from progressing to the status of a Great Swordsman.

Aside from Du Lang, six other mercenaries in the group were also in the advanced level of their professions.

Similarly, all of them had the code name of a wolf.

Those six members included an Advanced Knight named Evil Wolf, an Advanced Archer named Wild Wolf, an Advanced Magus named Magic Wolf, an Advanced Priest called Sleep Wolf, an Advanced Swordsman named Ash Wolf, and lastly, an Advanced Archer named Fire Wolf.

Those six represented the most powerful force in the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group.

They could completely crush the other mercenary groups of the same size.

At that moment, all six of them surrounded Du Lang, and even their back profiles looked daunting.

Other mid-sized mercenary groups only had one or two advanced-level mercenaries, but the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had seven!

Those were the strongest seven wolves in the Black City, and no one dared to provoke them.

However, even without the presence of those seven mercenaries, the groups other members also had sufficient strength to induce terror in anyone who dared to provoke them.

They were comparable to a real pack of vicious wolves that could affect fear in other people.

When Du Lang arrived at the public plaza, he had continuously looked around the area, and his behavior aroused the curiosity of the other six wolves by his side.

They learned that their leader had invited another person to join their group for that mission, and they had been somewhat surprised by his action.

How powerful must that person be if Du Lang would personally invite them into the group By their groups standard, ordinary folks would not have the qualifications for Du Lang to look at them, let alone for him to invite them to the mission.

They were very curious about that temporary member.

However, regardless of how they asked him, Du Lang would not reveal their identity.

Since Du Langs eyes kept searching the area, it was apparent that he was looking for that person.

The six wolves could not restrain their curiosity, and so they also stretched their necks to look for possible candidates.

One could say that they were obsessively curious about that new temporary member.

Since Du Lang had personally invited them to join the team, the six wolves assumed that the person must have an advanced-level profession.

Otherwise, there was no need for that person to be in their group at all.

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