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“Vermillion Bird, how confident are you if you were to fight an adult Phoenix” Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to make more plans.

The Vermilion Bird snorted and said, “The Phoenix and I are both fire-elemental magical beasts.

If both of us are at the level of a mythical beast, then we can only compare our ranks.

Right now, I am at the peak of a twelfth-ranked mythical beast.

As long as it has not had a resurrection, then theres no need to worry.”

With the Vermilion Birds guarantee, Shen Yanxiao did not need to fret more about that.

If they had to fight the Phoenix, then she would leave as soon as she obtained the Flame Grass.

With the Vermillion Birds protection, would she even have to worry about that

After she reviewed her bargaining chips, Shen Yanxiao determined that the trip was quite safe for her to attend.

However, as a precaution, she decided that she had to be mindful of the client.

Her gut told her that the clients action to employ the mercenary groups had been a weird choice.

Over the next four days, Shen Yanxiao traveled back and forth between the three divisions.

Ye Qing had begun to teach her some skills in preparing the medicinal ingredients.

Her proficiency in concocting potions had also gradually increased over those days.

On the fourth day, Shen Yanxiao told her mentors, Ye Qing and Yun Qi, that she had to make a trip home, and thus she needed to take a leave of absence.

Furthermore, she had also prepared more than a dozen junior and intermediate-level potions to avoid any unfortunate mishaps during the journey.

Of course, she did not forget to bid those heartless bastards a fond farewell before she left.

They were not the least suspicious about her actions.

Instead, they waved goodbye and told her to bring souvenirs with her when she was due back.

After she had settled everything, Shen Yanxiao could finally unwind in peace.

Shen Yanxiao was supposed to meet with Du Lang the next morning, so she got up early and left the Saint Laurent Academy.

Then she changed her appearance and attire in a hotel in the Black City.

When Shen Yanxiao walked on the streets of the Black City, her dull disguise and simple attire did not attract any unwanted attention.

Furthermore, the entire Black Citys attention was focused on a particular event.

Early in the morning, a large number of mercenaries from different groups had gathered in the public plaza.

The numbers grew from a dozen to the hundreds.

Finally, there were more than a thousand people there.

All the citizens attention was on that large-scale gathering of mercenaries in the Black City.

Soon after that, someone finally realized that all the mercenaries at the public plaza were from mid-sized mercenary groups in the Black City.

None of them were from a small-sized group.

It seemed like all the members from all mid-sized mercenary groups had gathered there that morning.

Everyone was curious about the reason for their large-scale gathering.

Some well-informed people managed to get some information from a few scattered mercenaries.

They heard that a single client had employed all of the mercenaries, and their objective was to kill a high-level magical beast.

Those who heard the news were flabbergasted.

How much did the client spend on that many mercenaries Did the client have too much money

Regular clients would only employ one to two mid-sized mercenary groups for a single mission.

Even then, the compensation was not a small amount.

Furthermore, the client only hired mid-sized groups for the mission.

They did not accept a single small-sized group.

While the entire city was in a discussion about the gathering, a small lone figure walked through the crowd toward the plaza where the mercenaries had gathered.

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