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He had even used a polite tone when he extended that invitation! [1.

There are two types ofyou used in Chinese writing.

您 = polite, 你 = casual.

Both words have the same meaning, but the former is generally used to show respect.]

The leader of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was usually known for his pride and arrogance.

Even customers with higher statuses did not get the same treatment from him.

However, he had used such a rare polite tone with that kid that day!

Had the world turned into a fantasy novel! Had the world itself turned into a fantasy

It was almost impossible for their leader to be that polite!

The young mans mind was thoroughly confused.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised at Du Langs invitation.

She had also noticed the change in Du Langs tone.

However, she did not know which of her actions had been so significant that the leader would suddenly change his tone with her.

She had only revealed a tiny bit of information about the Phoenixes.

There was no reason why Du Lang would suddenly treat her with such respect.

“If you are agreeable to that, I can also offer you some compensation.

I will also arrange for someone to protect your safety during the entire journey.” Du Lang tried to entice her with some better terms.

He did not purely do it because of his theory about Shen Yanxiaos identity, but it was mostly due to the importance of the mission.

His subordinate had told him that the mission had assembled more than a dozen mid-sized mercenary groups, and the client had offered a handsome reward for each of those groups.

If they could complete the mission, the compensation could possibly exceed the groups half a years worth of income.

Furthermore, the client only required the Phoenixs heart, and the mercenaries were free to take the other parts.

Among those items was the eighth-ranked Phoenixs high-grade magical core!

No one could estimate the price of an eighth-grade magical core.

The parts from the Phoenixs corpse would prove to be valuable, too, since it was an extremely rare magical beast from the legends.

If they could complete the mission, then they would get more wealth than what the client would have paid them for it.

After all, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group was the strongest in the Black City, and none of the other mercenary groups could compare to them.

If they were to travel with someone knowledgeable about the Phoenix, then they would have a much higher chance of completing the mission.

Furthermore, he observed that there was more to that particular customer than what she seemed to be.

If he could persuade her to participate in that mission, perhaps they would even get an unexpected reward.

After Du Lang contemplated all the observations that he had made, he elected to make that shocking decision.

Even though Shen Yanxiao did not know why Du Lang insisted on her participation, she could not deny her own interest in that mission.

One could only find the Flame Grass in a Phoenixs nest.

She knew that such an item could only be encountered and not found.

However, it was also apparent that Du Lang and his group had received a weird mission.

The rank of the Phoenix was definitely not as low as what the mission had declared.

It looked like they would have to face an adult Phoenix in that mission.

Even though they had a few hundred men, it was probably still not enough to deal with that beast.

The prospect of getting the Flame Grass enticed her, but the magical beast would prove to be a savage.

If it were anyone else, they would be distressed with such a choice.

However, Shen Yanxiao was not worried about that because she had a mythical beast by her side.

It could certainly go against an adult Phoenix.

As long as they did not encounter a resurrected Phoenix, the Vermillion Bird would never let anything bad happen to her.

Du Lang had also mentioned that she only needed to provide them with information about the Phoenix.

She would not need to be involved in any fight.

She should be able to take advantage of the situation to sneak into the Phoenixs nest to steal the Flame Grass.

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