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Chapter 335: Cave Wolves Mercenary Group (1)

The Mercenary Guild was located in the center of Black City, and it had hundreds of square meters of space.

The mercenaries went there to find new missions and to deliver the results of their missions all the time.

The Black City was an unregulated area, and thus the Mercenary Guild bustled with activities due to the inflow of magical cores and the different types of mission available.

A mercenary looked to be a rather lucrative profession.

When Shen Yanxiao reached the entrance of the guild, a group of mercenaries had accepted a new mission.

The team consisted of five to six people.

There were many mercenary groups in the Brilliance Continent, and most of them do not restrict the number of members in their group.

A few willing mercenaries could even form a new and smaller-sized group.

Those small groups of mercenaries usually have about a dozen members, and they would not accept tough missions.

Therefore, they would often target missions that involved lower-level magical beasts.

That was the reason there would never be a lack of low-grade magical cores in the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao threw another glance at that particular group of mercenaries before she turned and entered the guild.

Inside the Mercenary Guild, there were huge bulletin boards on both sides of the wall.

A variety of missions were plastered on those boards as well.

The mercenaries at the guild would decide on a mission based on the information written on the papers that were plastered on the boards.

Shen Yanxiao proceeded to walk to the front desk of the Mercenary Guild.

A beautiful woman was there, and she was in charge of registering the mercenaries for the missions that they had chosen.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the young woman, who was checking the registrations, and said, “Hello, I would like to entrust a mission, please.”

The young woman raised her head and looked at the young Shen Yanxiao in surprise.

She was astonished that a fellow that young was there at the Mercenary Guild to assign a mission.

She sized him up, and she noticed that he did not have a single unique feature on his unattractive face.

His slender figure was wrapped in a plain-looking coat.

From the way he dressed, it was apparent that he was not from a well-to-do family.

“Hello, what kind of mission do you wish to entrust” the young woman smiled and asked.

There was no trace of contempt on her face, not even with Shen Yanxiaos attire.

If Shen Yanxiao were in any other city, the people there would probably ignore her for the clothes she wore.

However, all the shops in the Black City treated their customers well, regardless of a persons age, attire, or status.

To those shopkeepers, all of their customers were like gods.

When the young woman spoke, two small groups of mercenaries walked in.

They threw them both a few more glances when they heard what she had said.

They looked even more surprised when they realized that thecustomer at the front desk was a thirteen-year-old little kid.

“Oh my god, even young kids are here to assign missions these days What does he want to entrust To beat up a classmate who bullied him, or to find him some diapers” One of the mercenaries looked at Shen Yanxiao and teased her about her young age.

Since Shen Yanxiao wore such low-key attire, it would be pretty hard for anyone to compare her with other wealthy people.

“Who knows, but I doubt it is a mission with good remuneration.

I dont even think that kid has any gold coins,” another mercenary chimed in.

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