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“Very well, I shall not tease you further.

As long as you can get a grasp of the situation with the magical arrays in that room, I should be able to help you with that problem.”

 Qi Xia knew that teasing should be done in moderation.

Otherwise, a particular little cat would start to brandish its claws.

 Shen Yanxiao was supposed to be at the Archer Division in the afternoon, but the division had also arranged its monthly competition for that period.

Since she did not register for the competition, she did not have to be there.

So she took the time to make her trip to the medicine storage room to retrieve her prize.

 As the afternoon rolled by, the news of Shen Yanxiaos victory over more than a hundred seniors and Shangguan Xiaos defeat had been spread throughout the Herbalist Division.

Those who were not there to spectate the competition expressed their disbelief over the news.

 They did not understand how Shangguan Xiao was defeated, and they lamented their decision not to go and watch the competition themselves.

The teachers had also learned about the same news.

Luo De did not attend the competition because he had an errand to run, but he could not stop smiling when he heard about it.

 Good kid, she was definitely someone worthy of his attention.

It had only been a short period, but she had already defeated Shangguan Xiao.

 Shangguan Xiaos first defeat and Shen Yanxiaos first glorious showcase had set off a heated debate amongst the people in the Herbalist Division.

 Everyone discussed whether the name for the top position in the Herbalist Division would change soon.

 As for Ye Qing, who had lived in the library for quite some time, he had heard the news about Shen Yanxiaos victory from Luo De.

He was surprised when he learned that the potion Shen Yanxiao made in the competition was his newly-invented Pseudo-death Potion.

 “Great Master Ye Qing, it is all thanks to your guidance that the kid, Shen Jue, could improve at such speed,” Luo De had said with excitement.

It had only been a few days since he had sent Shen Yanxiao there, and she had already defeated Shangguan Xiao.

It was hard to believe!

 Ye Qing chuckled and sighed.

“I didnt teach him anything.

He was here as an assistant.”

 Luo De smiled and then said, “Dont be so modest, Great Master Ye Qing.

It is everyones dream to be your assistant.

Furthermore, you have imparted your newly invented Pseudo-death Potion to that kid.

If it were not for that, Shen Jue would not have been able to make another intermediate-level potion that could compete against the Replenish Potion.”

 The Replenish Potion was the top-ranked potion amongst the intermediate-level ones.

That was the reason Shangguan Xiao was confident about his chances and why Pu Lisi was there for a good show.

 However, the Pseudo-death Potion that Shen Yanxiao concocted had overpowered the glory of the Replenish Potion, and it was indeed powerful.

Except for Ye Qing, there was probably no other herbalist who could create a potion with the same power.

 Ye Qing shook his head and said, “Im not trying to be modest.

I meant it when I said that I did not teach Shen Jue the formula to the Pseudo-death potion.”

 Shen Yanxiao had been with Ye Qing for less than a week.

During that time, he had observed her talents and also given her guidance on some occasions.

However, he had not really begun to teach her.

 Luo De was stunned when he heard that.

 “You didnt teach him that But he had managed to produce the Pseudo-death Potion!” Ye Qing would not have lied to him, so Luo De believed his words.

 Ye Qing smiled and replied, “I did make several bottles of the Pseudo-death Potion while she was here.

However, she merely assisted me with some of the medicinal ingredients.

Perhaps she paid attention to what I did and memorized the process by heart.

That was probably how she concocted that potion.”

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