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Shen Yanxiao inwardly laughed.

She needed no less than thirty thousand of demonic cores, so the thousand of demonic cores seemed like inconsequential to her.

“I am certain.

As for the commission that your Qilin Auction House should collect, you can take the sum directly from the sale of the items.” Shen Yanxiao might have been someone new at the auction scene, but she knew that with Qilin Auction Houses reputation, they would not even covet that little sum of money from the sale of her items.

Qi Meng said nothing else since he knew that the customer was determined about his request.

After they signed the agreement, Shen Yanxiao had completed the purpose of her little trip.

However, she was curious about the young man that was in the room with them.

She could feel his relentless inquisitive gaze on her while she was there.

Even though her disguise made her look better than before, her appearance was only good-looking, at best.

When compared to the young man, the difference was like heaven and earth.

If the other party was a female, then at least she could understand their interest inher appearance.

However, he was clearly a handsome man, and he was also so much better-looking than her, by countless-fold!

‘Say, youre a handsome man, so why arent you staring at some other beautiful girl Instead, why are you staring at a somewhat good-looking person of the same gender

Shen Yanxiao estimated that the low-grade disguise potion that she used would wear off at anytime soon, so she had no intention to linger there.

After she exchanged a few more polite words with Qi Meng, she hastily made her escape.

As he looked at the skinny figure who fled in haste, Qi Xia couldnt help but laugh.

“Third young master” Qi Meng looked at Qi Xias abrupt laughter in puzzlement and felt somewhat afraid.

Qi Xia lazily shot him a glance.

“What do you think about the items that the young lad had brought”

Did the third young master meant to test his evaluation abilities Qi Meng immediately became serious and said, “The items are all of good quality, and for him to take out such a huge amount of luxury items in one go, the customers background is definitely not as simple as he looked.

Therefore, I could only be bold to accept this transaction.

Furthermore, according to his last request, there must be some uses for such a large order of demonic cores.

Even a hundred people will not be able to digest such a quantity.

He could be from a wealthy family who wanted to purchase low-grade demonic cores to train their subordinates covertly.”

Qi Mengs analysis was quite reasonable.

The good thing about the demonic cores was its low price.

Besides, the adverse effects of those cores were not serious either.

Thus, it was suitable for families who could not afford to use weapons embedded with magical cores to use demonic cores instead to train their subordinates.

After Qi Xia heard his analysis, he merely laughed and absent-mindedly said, “His background is indeed not simple.”

Such a large amount of top-grade luxury items were not readily available in just any affluent but ordinary families.

Some of the items were even comparable to the ornaments placed in his room.

For goldware of that quality, there were probably only three to four shops in the Longxuan Empire that could produce it.

Also, the majority of the products from those shops had been purchased by the various influential factions in the capital, and among them, the five great aristocratic families owned the most substantial proportion.

However, with their wealth, they would not have had to auction those goldware for money.

Qi Mengs analysis was correct.

However, he overlooked a single point.

Even though the quality of those neglected, damaged jewels wasnt bad, which family would place those inferior items among a pile of luxury goods that were meant to be sold

Qi Xia smirked with interest.

He was seventy to eighty percent sure about the origins of those items.

That lads skills had to be exceptionally good that he could obtain such a huge amount of high-quality luxury goods!

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