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Pu Lisi would certainly like to see the potion that the secretive little kid had concocted.

 When she realized that the teachers had invited Pu Lisi to the center of the arena, Shen Yanxiao laughed discreetly.

If Pu Lisi could not identify her potion, then the people would undoubtedly mock his reputation as a Great Herbalist.

 In any case, she only needed to keep her mouth shut so that other people would not bug her for an answer.

 Pu Lisi walked toward the table with the potions.

All the participants stood with a respectful posture when he walked past them.

Shangguan Xiao even lowered his head as he walked respectfully to Pu Lisis side.

 Shen Yanxiao was the only one who acted differently from the rest of them.

Her arms were crossed as she remained calm and unruffled with an almost indiscernible smile on her lips.

There was not the slightest bit of respect in her attitude.

 Why should she act so respectful toward him She already had a falling out with that narrow-minded old man, so even if she were to bow to him, she knew that it would not win his favor.

So why should she show that old man the courtesy of respect

 Pu Lisi shot her a glance before he snorted.

Uncultured brat!

 Shen Yanxiao looked at him for a second, but she remained calm.

Uncivil old man!

 When the teachers saw the tense atmosphere between the young student and the old man, they were so frightened that even their backs were covered with cold sweat.

 Why did it look as if those two had known each other before that day Lightning and thunder seemed to have also erupted the moment they met.

“Great Master Pu Lisi, please,” one of the teachers hastily spoke to try to diffuse the situation.

 Pu Lisi walked toward Shen Yanxiaos potion with reluctance.

He gave it a slightly disdainful look before he lifted the crystal bottle to his nose for a smell.

 A faint medicinal fragrance entered his nostrils, and it was a rather peculiar scent.

It was not as strong as other potions, and it did not have any unique smell.

There was only a scent that seemed almost nonexistent as it teased ones sense of smell.

 It was an indefinable feeling.

After Pu Lisi inhaled the scent, his body suddenly stiffened.

 That scent…

 He remembered that scent!

 A few months, Ye Qing had asked him to his room for a discussion, and he had smelled that weird scent there.

 He was curious about the smell, and so, he had asked Ye Qing about it.

Ye Qing told him that it was a new intermediate-level potion that he had made.

 A Great Herbalist had lowered himself to concoct intermediate-level potions Pu Lisi had found that strange.

When Ye Qing revealed the formula and effects of that potion, Pu Lisi stiffened as if he was struck by lightning.

 He had named that potion as Pseudo-death Potion.

It would allow a person to lose all signs of living, from heartbeats to pulse to breathing.

Their physical body would even lose their warmth gradually as if they were dead.

If someone were to drink that Pseudo-death Potion and then laid on the ground, passers-by would undoubtedly think that they were dead.

 There had been similar potions in the past, but they all had the same single problem.

Those potions could not control the bodys temperature.

If the bodys temperature were to drop to a certain level, it would threaten their life.

It could even mean a real death and not a fake one.

 However, Ye Qings Pseudo-death Potion could maintain a persons life as it lowered the temperature to one that resembled death.

The person would come back to life again when the medicinal effects ended.

 The potion was a huge innovation, and one could say that Ye Qing had created a brand new type of potion.

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