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Chapter 315: Replenish Potion (2)

The potion sat quietly on the table.

When compared to the previous potions with a low level of purity, one could easily see its purity in the color of the glistening liquid.

There was not even a single trace of impurities in it.

The teachers, who had been quite disappointed with the previous potions, immediately focused their attention on the bottle of potion in front of them.

Even though Shangguan Xiao appeared calm as he stood at the side, his slightly quirked eyebrows betrayed his sense of pride and arrogance.

“This is a Replenish Potion” One of the teachers identified the potion almost instantly.

He hesitated for a moment before he turned to look at Shangguan Xiao with great shock.

Shangguan Xiao nodded.

The teachers all looked pleasantly surprised with his affirmation.

The Replenish Potion might have been an intermediate-level potion.

Still, everyone knew that the process for the potion was a complicated affair, and required a highly-skilled herbalist to complete it.

The potion also had a popular effect.

Except for a Great Magus, any magus who consumed the potion could fully-recover their depleted magical power almost instantaneously.

The strength of a magus relied on the length of time they could maintain a continuous attack on their enemy.

Even if they were without any magical power to support their magic attacks, the stronger magus could still wield their staff to stare at their opponents as part of their defense.

However, if they had the Replenish Potion, they would use it to recover their magical power instantly to continue with their attacks.

One could say that the Replenish Potion was a significant potion for a magus, and it might even save their lives at a crucial point in a battle.

Even though the potion had potent effects, its side effects were equally adverse as well.

Therefore, a magus would only drink one bottle at any given time.

If they consumed more than three bottles, the magus would be weakened for about five hours after that.

They would not even be able to pick up their staff, let alone to cast any magic.

Even so, the potion was still a popular choice amongst the magi.

The potion had a very complicated process, and even the Intermediate Herbalists would not attempt to make it so casually.

The Replenish Potion was one of the highest-ranked potions among the intermediate potions.

Shangguan Xiao did deserve his status as the Herbalist Divisions top student, and the potion that he had produced was remarkable indeed.

The other potions were trash and should not even be compared to Shangguan Xiaos Replenish Potion.

Furthermore, the purity level of his Replenish Potion was as high as ninety-six percent!

It was nearly perfect!

The teachers looked at Shangguan Xiao with praise and admiration.

The Herbalist Division was not the Saint Laurent Academys strongest division, and that honor belonged to the Magus Division.

They had not had any particularly talented students among their third-year students either, and that had caused the teachers some headaches over the years.

The Herbalist Division might have had a few Great Herbalists in their ranks, but they were still not comparable to the other divisions in the Saint Laurent Academy.

How would they swallow that anger

However, since they had Shangguan Xiao in their division, their situation might be different from the past.

Based on Shangguan Xiaos progress and achievements, none of the third-year students could rival against him, let alone meer second-year students.

The teachers were proud and happy with Shangguan Xiaos talents in herbalism, and they looked forward to his bright future.

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