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The Crepis Grass had a certain amount of toxin, but it could save many lives if measured correctly.

Vice versa, it could also send them to their deathbed.

It was a medicinal ingredient with powerful medicinal properties, and it required a precise dosage to control it.

 No even third-year students at the Herbalist Division would dare to use it for potions, let alone a first-year student like Shen Yanxiao.

 It was apparent that Shen Yanxiao had mistaken the Crepid Grass for the Dusk Grass.

 Pu Lisi sneered.

The only difference between those two ingredients was the veins on the leaves.

The extremely fine veins had a subtle difference that only a handful of people could perceive.

 The moment that Shen Yanxiao took the Crepis Grass, Pu Lisi knew that she had already lost the competition.

 “Ignorant fool.

Id like to see whatgood thing youd create today.” Pu Lisi was in a good mood.

If one were to substitute the Dusk Grass with the Crepis Grass, it would result in an immediate mini-explosion.

Shen Yanxiao would lose face and become a laughing stock at the academy.

 He did not believe that Ye Qing would keep her around if she had done such an embarrassing thing!

 When he was sure of Shen Yanxiaos defeat, he did not continue to pay any attention to her.

He shifted his focus to Shangguan Xiao instead.

 A group of students who were still trying to identify the medicinal ingredients had finally managed to choose a few pieces after dozens of minutes had gone past.

However, they were still far from their goals, and many had decided to abandon the original formula that they had chosen.

They resolved to look for the ingredients for some junior potions instead.

 The junior potions only needed a few medicinal ingredients, so naturally, the process would be faster too.

 They would rather replace it with simpler potions than to chance elimination for not having enough ingredients for the potion.

In any case, they would still be able to sneak into the top ten positions.

 All the participants had their heads lowered as they tried to search for the ingredients that they needed.

At that point, Shangguan Xiao had already managed to find dozens of ingredients that he needed for the potion.

However, he did not stop, and he continued with his search.

 The spectators were amazed by his progress.

“Shangguan Xiao seems to have gathered more than twenty medicinal ingredients.

Which potion did he want to make”

 An ordinary intermediate-level potion needed less than twenty ingredients.

Any potions that required more than that would have a higher level of difficulty as well.

 When they saw the increment of ingredients in Shangguan Xiaos arm, everyone became eager with her results.

 However, those who were only there to enjoy a show at Shen Yanxiaos expense remained silent.

 Shen Yanxiao had a small physique, so it was normal if she was overlooked in a sea of participants.

 Furthermore, her petite figure would get blocked from view by some of the participants as well.

“How many ingredients did that Shen Jue get Why dont I see him” A second-year student turned his head in an attempt to find that petite-sized student.

 “There he is.” Another student pointed at a small figure that just walked past someone elses back.

 For convenience sake, Shen Yanxiao had placed many of the ingredients into her pocket.

Due to the height difference, the spectators could not see how many ingredients she had grabbed.

Since she was always blocked from sight, none of the students nor the teachers knew the number of medicinal ingredients that she had taken with her.

 Even Pu Lisi only saw one ingredient, and that was the Crepis Grass.

She had stuffed the rest into her pocket so one could not even see a single item.

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