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It was a cunning smile, and it would give one an indescribable feeling if one were to see it.

Shangguan Xiao might not have been so confident had he saw the smile at the corner of her lips.

 They were required to choose the ingredients, to process them, and then to refine the potion What was so difficult about that Shen Yanxiao beamed as she looked at the rest of the participants who looked as though they had been posed with a challenging question.

 The moment the teacher explained the workings of the competition, her mind spun at high speed to decide on a potion that she coulduse.

 Her mind was already made up when the teacher was done with the rules and regulations of the competition.

 It was a potion that she had seen Ye Qing produced a few days before that.

It was not a difficult potion for Ye Qing, and he only made it because he was stuck with the progress of the Blood Banquet Potion.

 Since she assisted Ye Qing with the process, she had memorized the steps to complete the potion.

Ye Qing had been willing to guide her along the process too.

 Ye Qing made the potion as a practice to maintain his skills, but it was still not an ordinary potion.

 Therefore, there should not be any issues if she chose that for the competition.

The only issue she had was that she did not remember its name.

 Shen Yanxiao pondered about her decision for a few more moments.

She concluded that the teacher would judge the potion for themselves, and thus she could not need to provide any explanation for it.

It did not matter whether she knew the name of the potion or not.

 She had been researching different types of intermediate-level potions for the past few days.

She had to be extra-cautious since Shangguan Xiao was one of her competitors.

She did not think that an ordinary intermediate potion would be able to defeat the top genius at the Herbalist Division.

 She decided not to dwell on it since she had made her choice.

 Not long after that, the competition officially started, and the participants dashed toward the pile of medicinal ingredients as fast as they could.

They wanted to search for the required ingredients as soon as possible.

Shen Yanxiao walked unhurriedly toward the same direction.

She saw the anxiety of the other participants, but she did not say anything about that.

 Her relaxed and calm attitude surprised those who were there to spectate the competition.

 “Why is Shen Jue so slow If he doesnt hurry, all the good ingredients would be taken already!” The other first-year students in the spectator area were not as calm as she was.

 Even though 3000 ingredients seemed a lot, many of the ingredients were not something that they knew how to use.

Most of them only knew how to handle dozens of ingredients, and there were more than a hundred participants who were on the lookout for the same ones.

If Shen Jue continued to saunter at a leisurely pace, what ingredients would be left for him

 Lin Xu was also anxious for Shen Jue.

 “Calm down.

Perhaps hes thinking about the formula to use for the competition.

After all, the formulae that weve learned were quite different from the seniors.

He must still be thinking about it.

Lin Xus heart thumped like the beatings of a drum.

Lin Xu always thought that Shen Jue lived with a carefree attitude.

However, it was a tense situation, so why did he still behave the same way

 Even the spectators were more anxious than him!

 The participants started to search through the pile of medicinal ingredients as soon as they arrived there.

 However, when they saw the almost-identical medicinal ingredients, most of them felt like crying.

 They wondered who had thought of such a cruel idea for the competition.

The ingredients with similar scents and appearances had been thrown into the pile.

Even if they could identify the ones with the correct characteristics, they still had to consider if it was the one that they needed.

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