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Shen Yanxiaos new set of memories showed her that the father of her bodys previous owner was the youngest son of the Vermilion Bird Familys head.

However, during the former Shen Yanxiaos one-month-old birthday, her parents were murdered when they were outside of the family home, and she was the only one who survived the ordeal.

Even though everyone in the Vermilion Bird Family disliked her, her grandfather, Shen Feng, who was also the current Family Head, had tasked someone to take care of Shen Yanxiaos daily necessities out of consideration and love for his youngest son.

However, that was all that he had done.

For a massive family like theirs, atrash who was incapable of using battle aura or magic was simply of no value to them.

Even her simple existence was a disgrace to the Vermilion Bird Family.

She also did not have the right to participate in the family banquet that was held once a year.

This time round, Shen Yanxiao probably would have had her skin peeled off, or worse, killed, for the crime of trespassing into the dungeon.

If it were not for her father, Shen Feng would not even want to acknowledge his granddaughter.

In summary, Shen Yanxiao truly did not have any support that she could rely on.

“It seems like Im in an unfavorable situation.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and sat on the chair as she analyzed her current circumstances.

A so-calledtrash without any support, this was probably the lowest point in her life.

“However, its not the worst of situations.” An extremely magnetic voice suddenly echoed in Shen Yanxiaos ears.

She was distracted for a moment before she stood up hastily, and cautiously surveyed her surroundings.

Although her body did not have any strength, Shen Yanxiaos previous incarnation was a thief goddess that shocked the entire world.

No presence could escape her radar, but she did not detect the slightest presence within the large room.

Where did that voice come from then

“Since you dared to speak, why dont you dare to appear” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and continued to survey her surroundings.

“Appear” That voice echoed once again, and it seemed like it carried a trace of cold intent.

“Girl, theres no need to continue searching.

Im not around you but within you.”

Within her

Shen Yanxiao stared ahead blankly.

“I originally thought that you would be a muddlehead your whole life, but unexpectedly, you became clever all of a sudden.

Paradigms change over time, and it seems like the heavens intend to give both of us an opportunity.” The cold-sounding voice whispered in Shen Yanxiaos ears.

However, she sensed that the voice did not come from outside, but instead, it came from her mind!

“Who exactly are you 1 ” The concept of rebirth was something that Shen Yanxiao could accept and comprehend, but it was rather hard for her to believe in a voice that floated from nowhere.

“Human No one in this world would call me as such.

They are more willing to call me a devil.”

A devil Shen Yanxiao frowned at that little detail.

“Girl, why dont we discuss a deal”

“What kind of deal” Although she was unclear about the other partys identity, Shen Yanxiao understood that the self-proclaimed devil did reside within her.

“Help me to reappear in the human world, and Ill undo the seal for you, and that will allow you to obtain the strength that you originally possessed.”

“Seal” The more she heard, the more confused she was.

“Lift the sleeve of your right arm.”

Shen Yanxiao complied and lifted her sleeves.

On her right arm, a palm-sized portion of her skin was darker, and she did not notice that subtle difference when she inspected her new body earlier on.

“This is a seal” Damn it, what other secrets did the former Shen Yanxiao possess

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