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First-year students would usually keep their silence on regular days regardless of their class.

However, they had gathered together that day.

They were in different classes, but they did not get into conflicts with each other.

Instead, they were rather friendly with one another as they enjoyed mutual assistance in herbalism studies.

 They were all there that morning because a first-year student had decided to join the competition.

 No first-year student had dared to challenge such a competition before.

 Lin Xu glanced at the students behind him, and his handsome face showed determination.

 “Shen Jue wont have a problem.

I have faith in his abilities.

Havent we all agreed that we would cheer for him”

 Even though he did not hang out often with Shen Yanxiao, he had personally witnessed her talents in herbalism.

Furthermore, not only did she represent herself in that competition, but she would also show the abilities of all first-year students.

Lin Xu thought it was only reasonable that they should cheer for her.

 Even though the students still doubted Lin Xus guarantee, the collective sense of pride made them stay in the bustling competition venue.

 In contrast to the casual and scattered second and third-year students, the first-year students were quite reserved as they kept to a corner to watch the competition.

 Their thoughts were simple.

The second and third-year students already surrounded the place The first-year student in the competition, Shen Jue, must have been quite nervous too.

Even though there were not many of them, they were still of the same cohort.

They had to come and cheer for their fellow first-year student for his courage to participate in the competition.

 The first-year students in the Herbalist Division led quite a submissive life.

They had to be extremely respectful toward any second or third-year students they met as their seniors would not tolerate any rudeness from them.

 Some of them could not even walk with their heads held high for the first few months at the academy due to their lack of abilities.

 If Shen Yanxiao were to win against a few seniors in the competition, it would undoubtedly help them to strive for their rights.

 Shen Jue was not very prominent in the Herbalist Division, but everyone recognized that name.

They all knew that Shen Jue preferred to maintain a low profile, but no other first-year student was more talented than him.

Shen Jue was the first-year students only hope that year.

 “I see Shen Jue, and Tang Nazhi!” Very soon, Lin Xu spotted Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi, who stood at the entrance of the venue.

 The other first-year students also turned to look at them.

 The moment Shen Yanxiao stepped into the venue, she was welcomed by all sorts of complicated gazes.

Mockery, condescension, contempt, enthusiasm, curiosity…

 All sorts of gazes filled with different emotions landed on her.

 “Wow, it looks like youre the star of the show.” Tang Nazhi stood by Shen Yanxiaos side as his eyes swept across those who stared at them with ill intentions.

 “I think they are waiting for you to scatter your wealth,” Shen Yanxiao said with a light chuckle.

 After Tang Nazhi announced his offer yesterday, more than a hundred participants had registered for the competition.

 It was evident that those last-minute participants were only there for the gold coins.

 Those second and third-year students in the Herbalist Division thought that it would be simple to defeat a first-year student who had only been there for less than a year.

 No matter if it were medicinal ingredients or potions, they would have surpassed that little kids level of competency.

 Therefore, everyone regarded Tang nazhis gold coins as a pie that fell from the skies.

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