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He surveyed his surroundings.

Then, he sneered and said, “All of you think that you are very competent, is that it I will say this now.

If any of you can beat Shen Jue in this competition, I will personally give you a hundred thousand gold coins.

However, if I were to hear anyone bad-mouth him behind his back, dont blame me for taking action without any regard for our relationship as classmates!”

 A hundred thousand gold coins…

 Everyone was thoroughly dumbstruck.

They knew that the five great aristocratic families were affluent, but they did not expect that Tang Nazhi would make a casual promise with a hundred thousand gold coins.

 All they had to do to win the coins was to win against a first-year student Was that even supposed to pose any difficulty for them

 Furthermore, Tang Nazhi had promised to pay them as long as they won.

Did that mean they would get paid a hundred thousand gold coins each if they registered for the competition and won against that little kid

 Had Tang Nazhi gone mad!

 “Tang Nazhi, stop with your jokes,” one of the students playfully said in doubt.

 Tang Nazhi sneered.

“I, Tang Nazhi, will abide by my promise.

As long as anyone of you can win against him, I have a million gold coins waiting in my space ring, more than enough to go around.

However, if you were to lose, then you had better shut your mouth, and you are not to speak a single bad thing about Shen Jue ever again!”

 The crowd was in an uproar.

 Shen Yanxiao stared at Tang Nazhis tall figure in a daze.

“Quick, write your name down.” Tang Nazhi no longer paid any attention to them as he pulled Shen Yanxiao toward the teacher.

He smiled when he finally saw her wrote the nameShen Jue.

 Shangguan Xiao ground his teeth as he looked at them from the sideline.

He suspected that the young master of the Black Tortoise Family had gone crazy.

Otherwise, he would not have offered to fork out a million gold coins to gamble with the crowd.

Did he also do that for an insignificantly ordinary student

 It was a million gold coins, and even if he calculated all of his familys assets, Shangguan Xiao knew that he could not afford that amount.

 Shangguan Xiao looked at Tang Nazhi viciously and then glared at Shen Yanxiao.

 He hated those second-generation wealthy kids who would flaunt their wealth so casually like that, and he hated the little kid who had obtained Ye Qings favor even more.

 Suddenly, Shangguan Xiao said to Tang Nazhi, “Since the young master of the Black Tortoise Family likes to gamble, why dont we increase the stakes”

 Tang Nazhi looked at Shangguan Xiao with a cold expression.


 Shangguan Xiao snickered discreetly.

 “I know that neither you nor your family cared about money, as it is of little importance to you.

If you were to wager your position as a student of the Herbalist Division, would you still put your stakes on him”

 “Since you are that confident with Shen Jue, Im sure that you wont care if I participated in the bet or not.” Shangguan Xiaos eyes flickered with a vicious glint.

 “If I were to win against Shen Jue in the competition, you will have to withdraw from the academy at once and leave the Saint Laurent Academys Herbalist Division forever.

If I were to lose, I would fulfill any of your requests, including to leave the Herbalist Division forever as well!” He was the top student in the division.

Tang Nazhi was nothing without the support from the Black Tortoise Family.

How could a second-generation wealthy kid like him lurk around the Herbalist Division like that

 Furthermore, who was that young kid to receive so many good fortunes

 Shangguan Xiao was furious.

He wanted to get rid of those two people permanently from his sight.

 Everyone was shocked when they heard Shangguan Xiaos crazy stakes.

 Shangguan Xiao wanted Tang Nazhi to use his position as a student of the Herbalist Division as wager Had he gone mad too

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