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Clothes left by the hot spring also slowly floated upward.

As Xiu quietly stood suspended in mid-air, he pulled those pieces of articles over Shen Yanxiao to dress her deftly.

 The sounds of footsteps approached closer, and Xiu floated toward her.

As he looked at her sleeping face, his finger pushed forward to move her until he could lean her gently against a tree.

 Then, his silhouette dissipated into a ball of dark mist and drifted back into Shen Yanxiaos chest.

Qi Xia had waited for a long time, but he had yet to see Shen Yanxiao.

After a while, he got worried and decided to make his way toward the spring.

He called out, “Xiaoxiao”

 However, he did not receive any response.

Qi Xia had no choice but to head toward the spring.

When he got there, he did not see Shen Yanxiao at the pool.

Instead, he found her sound asleep against a tree at the side of the hot spring.

“What a sleepyhead.” Qi Xia chuckled as he stooped forward to lift the sleeping Shen Yanxiao with his strong arms.

 The weight on his arms was so light that he involuntarily smiled as he stared at the slender Shen Yanxiao in his arms.

 As her petite bare feet dangled in the air, Qi Xia could only bend down once again, with her in his arms, to pick up her shoes and socks that she had placed by the spring.

With only the moonlight to light their way, Qi Xia carried Shen Yanxiao as he walked from the Magus Division toward her dormitory at the Herbalist Division.

 He saw Tang Nazhi as he stood at the entrance of the dormitory, with his arms crossed as he leaned against the door.

He looked thoughtfully at Qi Xia as he gradually approached.

 “Shes asleep, dont wake her up,” Qi Xia said as he looked at Tang Nazhi.

 Tang Nazhi quirked his eyebrows, but he did not say anything else.

He took Shen Yanxiao from Qi Xia before he gave him a nod and carried her back to their dorm.

Both of them did not have any difficulty with carrying Shen Yanxiaos weight.

 Qi Xia gazed at Tang Nazhis back as he walked into the dormitory, and a doubt surfaced in his mind.

 When he spotted Shen Yanxiao, she had fallen asleep.

However, she was also neatly dressed.

With the exception of her shoes and socks, she was dressed as she usually would on ordinary days.

 If she had the energy to wear her clothes, why did she not leave Why did she choose to sleep near the hot spring

 He did not believe that the grass there was comfortable as a bed in the dormitory.

Could someone have helped her dress

 However, he had cast perception magic in the surrounding area beforehand.

If anyone else had stepped inside, he would have known about it.

Otherwise, he would not have brought her there.

 He still had his doubts, but he had no answers yet.

 Shen Yanxiao had slept through the night, and she did not even have any dreams.

She could guess how she got back to her dormitory.

Qi Xia must have checked up on her when she did not leave the hot spring after some time.

He must have helped her into her clothes and sent her back to her dormitory.

She was not too bothered about whether the profiteer had seen her body or not.

 At her age and body growth, she knew that there was no difference between her front and her back.

Tang Nazhis pectoral muscles could even be much more attractive than her body.

Besides, she had been through some inappropriate moments when she underwent training in her previous life.

She did not like it, but that did not mean she was conservative.

Perhaps it was due to the effects of the moonlight spring, but Shen Yanxiao felt a hundred times more energetic when she woke up.

She did not feel any leftover exhaustion from the previous days.

 After she dressed up, she greeted Tang Nazhi and then rushed to Ye Qings place.

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