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As a first-year student in the Herbalist Division, they should not speak nonsense in front of a Great Herbalist, no matter what.

Ye Qing did not offer any comment.

He merely stared at the young kid who maintained a smile on her face.

“Great Master Pu Lisi, do you think it is right for me to keep quiet when I know theres a problem with your brewing process” Shen Yanxiao laughed.

He was a Great Herbalist, but so what If he could not accept any form of criticism from anyone, could he still be called a true master

 Furthermore, she did not say those words baselessly.

She had verified them through experimentations.

 The medicinal ingredients on Pu Lisis table were used to produce the Blood Banquet Potion.

Shen Yanxiao had asked Qi Xia and the rest of them to search for the same ingredients.

The three ingredients that she had mentioned earlier were among the medicinal ingredients that they had managed to gather.

She had wanted to help Yun Qi to produce the Blood banquet Potion as soon as she could, and so she had already attempted some experiments with those medicinal ingredients.

Thus, she knew about the problems that Pu Lisi had encountered.

Pu Lisi had followed the sequence in the formula when he added those ingredients.

The formula might have been completed, but its processes were not without change.

She had attempted to combine those three medicinal ingredients, and she did not get any problems when she used her method to do that.

Not only did Pu Lisi did not accept her suggestions, but he had pulled rank on her and reproached her for her supposed rudeness.

Shen Yanxiao had wanted to laugh in his face right there and then.

 “A problem How would you know about any problems if you didnt even know which potion I was brewing” Pui Lisis anger flared as he did not expect Shen Yanxiao to contradict his words.

“It did not matter what you were trying to formulate because there were processed Hanath Flowers on your table.

The formula for your potion must have required it.” Shen Yanxiao could already guess that Pu Lisi was preparing the Blood Banquet Potion.

There were dozens of ingredients on his table, and each one of those was what the potion required.

 “So what What does a little kid know Since you are so bright and logical, why dont you give it a try Id like to see how a young kid like you would solve the repellence effect between the Hawthorne Grass and the Pixie Flower!” Pu Lisi exploded.

He had never encountered a student who would dare to oppose him.

How did the student named Shen Jue have the nerve to go against him!

 Pu Lisis words shocked everyone there.

Even though they did not know what Pu Lisi was working on, they were certain that it was, at least, an advanced potion as it required a Great Herbalist to produce it personally.

Had Pu Lisi really asked a first-year student to attempt such a challenging potion That was hard to believe.

 Luo De was dumbstruck.

He did not imagine that the situation would progress that far.

 Shangguan Xiao laughed.

He had always stayed by Pu Lisis side, and even he did not know what Pu Lisi was working on.

One thing for sure, it was a potion that required the skills of a Great Herbalist since it had managed to cause Pu Lisi headaches while he worked on it.

 Why would he want a first-year student to attempt a potion that was meant for Great Herbalists

 Two random medicinal ingredients would be enough to defeat Shen Yanxiao, let alone to complete the entire potion.

 Ye Qing frowned as he was surprised that Pu Lisi would say such things.

He knew that Pu Lisi had a bad temper, and it was apparent that the student had angered him.

 As Ye Qing hesitated to speak out and advise Pu Lisi against that, a provoked Shen Yanxiao suddenly walked up to Pu Lisi and addressed him directly.

 “So be it!”

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