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When she thought about that, Shen Yanxiao decided to heed Luo Des instructions obediently and followed behind him in silence.

 The 90th floor of the library was completely different from the other levels that Shen Yanxiao had seen.

There were no mountain-high piles of books, and instead, she could only see potions displayed in those huge cabinets.

 There were hundreds of potions that were placed neatly in rows and rows of cabinets.

As sunlight shone through the windows and onto the colorful bottles of potions, it reflected the light like crystals to create a beautiful and dazzling display of lights.

 Those potions attracted Shen Yanxiaos attention.

She had seen several advanced potions that she had only heard of in rumors.

As she took a better view of the room, she noticed that all the cabinets on the 90th floor were filled with bottles of advanced potion.

 A bottle of an advanced potion would cost at least thousands of gold coins, and the most expensive ones could reach tens of thousands of gold coins.

 Based on Shen Yanxiaos estimation, the total value of all the potions there was enough to purchase at least five cities!

 Unconsciously, Shen Yanxiaos hands had started to itch.

 If she could get her hands on all those potions, then she would not have to worry about money for the next ten years!

 Luo De brought Shen Yanxiao along as he passed through the corridors before they arrived in front of a huge wooden door.

 Then, he carefully tidied his garment before he knocked gently on the door.

 “Enter.” A raspy voice echoed from behind the door.

 Luo De immediately pushed the door open.

 Dozens of wide tables meant for potion-making were arranged neatly inside the room, and every single one of them had been crafted from high-grade crystals.

An expensive-looking set of apparatus was laid out neatly on every table.

A random collection of those apparatus could cost around three million gold coins.

An old man who looked to be in his eighties was at the table, and he seemed quite busy.

Luo Des appearance did not seem to affect him in the slightest as he continued to stare at the crystal bottle above the fire.

An attractive student beside the old man greeted them with respect when he noticed their arrival.

“Teacher Luo De.”

 Luo De nodded at him and said, “Shangguan Xiao, youre here early today.”

 The student who stood beside the old man was the top-ranked student in the Herbalist Division.

 A faint smile appeared on Shangguan Xiaos gloomy face, but he was startled when he noticed Shen Yanxiao, who stood behind Luo De.

 “Luo De, why have you come” The old man, who was buried in his work, slowly raised his head to look at Luo De.

“Great Master Pu Lisi, I have something that I wished to discuss with you.” Luo De was very respectful toward the old man.

 “What is the matter” There was shrewdness in Pu Lisis aged eyes.

He was one of the Great Herbalists of the Saint Laurent Academy, and he was famous throughout the entire Longxuan Empire.

Even Ouyang Huanyu had to accord him some respect.

 Anyone who could reach the summit of their professions would undoubtedly exhibit some eccentricity, and that could not be more true for those Great Herbalists.

They were usually cooped up in the library for an extended period, and they rarely made an appearance in front of others.

Some could even stay indoors for five years, and they were usually described as crazy maniacs with regards to researches in herbalism.

 “Dean Ouyang Huanyu had mentioned that you are willing to accept gifted students from the Herbalist Division to be your assistant.

I am here to recommend such a student to you,” Luo De explained politely.

“Oh” Pu Lisi glanced at Luo De, and then he noticed Shen Yanxiao, who still stood behind the teacher, shortly after.

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