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Was she even human!

 A first-year student had managed to produce a perfect Aura Concealment Potion after only one demonstration.

Furthermore, the student had managed to do even when he had added the medicinal ingredients in the wrong sequences.

 Was there anything else that could make them feel even worse than they already did

 The students looked at Shen Yanxiao in horror.

It was as if the plain kid in front of them was not a first-year student at all.

He could be a Great Herbalist who had used some forbidden potion to make himself look like a young kid.

 Luo De had to suppress the shock that he felt with great difficulty, and he looked at Shen Yanxiao as if he was pleasantly surprised.

He had thought of Shen Yanxiao as a gifted prodigy in herbalism, but it seemed like she was born for herbalism!

 “Good! Very good! Excellent!” Luo De smacked Shen Yanxiaos shoulders in excitement.

As he was eager with joy, his hands had even started to shake.

 “Follow me.

I have some things to discuss with you!” Luo De did not wait for Shen Yanxiaos response.

He pulled her by her elbow, and they left the lab together.

The other students were still rooted in their original spots.

 The students then began to spread the news about what had happened that day to the other students in the Herbalist Division.

Everyone who heard about that had expressed shock over the news.

 Luo De pulled Shen Yanxiao along, and they passed through many long corridors in the Herbalist Division to cut across the buildings to head toward the library.

 Shen Yanxiao had been to that library a few times, but unfortunately, her attention was not focused on herbalism at that time.

Therefore, compared to the library in the other divisions, she had only been to the one in Herbalist Division a handful of times.

 At that time, though, Luo De had personally escorted her into the library and then ushered her into the elevator.

Then they headed toward the 90th floor.

The Herbalist Divisions library had a hundred levels, but only the lower fifty floors were opened to the students.

Even the most gifted students could not enter the higher levels.

However, Luo De had brought Shen Yanxiao directly to the 90th floor.

 Luo De could hardly conceal the excitement on his face as they made their way to the library.

However, he had gradually calmed down.

He lowered his gaze to look at Shen Yanxiao.

 “Young lad, you have given me a tremendous surprise this time.

With your talents, I shall bring you to a good place for your skills.”

 Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She did not know where Luo De had planned to bring her, but it was definitely not an ordinary place since it was located on the 90th floor.

 “For now, please refrain from speaking.

I will bring you to meet with a few Great Herbalists shortly,” Luo De said with a smile.

 Great Herbalists Shen Yanxiao was dumbstruck by that statement.

There were only a few Great Herbalists in Saint Laurent Academy, but they were no longer in teaching positions.

Instead, they spent their time on researches about intricate herbalism knowledge.

 Shen Yanxiaos eyes immediately brightened.

If she could get in touch with those Great Herbalists, that meant she could obtain information about the Blood Banquet Potion!

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