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If one possessed natural talent, then one demonstration would suffice.

 Vice versa, if one had no talent, then it would be useless even if they watched it repeatedly for dozens of times.

 One good example was the violet class that was under his charge.

He had done the same demonstration for hundreds of times, but only a few of those idiots understood it.

 “Alright.” Shen Yanxiao nodded, and then she stared at Luo Des action in all seriousness.

 The reason the Aura Concealment Potion was classified as an intermediate potion was that it required thirteen different medicinal ingredients, and not merely due to its effects.

Furthermore, the properties of four of those ingredients repelled one another, so if the herbalist were not attentive enough, the potion would fail because the medicinal properties were not neutralized.

Luo De placed those thirteen medicinal ingredients on the table and then processed each ingredient with a hundred percent focus.

 His actions were slow, and yet it was not draggy.

He was extremely meticulous with the medicinal ingredients initial preparation.

 He pressed them, juiced them, extracted them, and then finally, he ground them.

 Every single process was done precisely.

 After he had processed all thirteen medicinal ingredients, Luo De poured one ingredient that was in liquid form into a crystal bottle.

Subsequently, he poured in three more ingredients of different types of liquid, and each one in different quantities.

 When he combined those four different ingredients, the jade-colored liquid turned dark blue.

Luo De shook it to even it out, and then he placed it on the flame to heat it.

 As the temperature increased, the dark blue liquid gradually turned into a greenish-black color.

Then, Luo De added a few more medicinal ingredients into the mix.

 Shen Yanxiao paid her undivided attention to everything that Luo De did.

 As an Advanced Herbalist, Luo De had high proficiency in the production of intermediate potions, and his every movement was done with perfection.

 Shen Yanxiao noticed the timing in which Luo De added the ingredients were very precise.

As the temperature changed, the liquid inside the bottle changed as well.

During the process of changes, he would add the powder-type of the medicinal ingredients carefully so that it would not clash with the other ingredients.

It also allowed the ingredients to combine much better together.

 One needed to grasp the time to add the medicinal ingredient precisely.

The students from the violet class stared at Luo Des demonstration.

They could remember the process of producing the Aura Concealment Potion by heart, but unfortunately, they could not grasp the essence of it.

Thus, most of them could not complete the production of the potion.

 Thirty minutes later, the potion was done, and a pale yellow-colored Aura Concealment Potion appeared before their eyes.

Luo De placed the completed potion at one side as he wiped his hands and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

“Are you clear about the process for the potion” Even though he could produce intermediate potions easily and quickly, he deliberately completed each step correctly so that Shen Yanxiao could get a better view.

“I think I can remember it roughly.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

 “Then give it a try.” Luo De walked away from the table and took a few more medicinal ingredients for the potion, in case she could not succeed in one try.

 Shen Yanxiao did not object to his actions and directly walked toward the table.

She looked at the familiar apparatus on the table calmly as she was not in a hurry to begin.

Instead, she took her time to recall the entire process of how Luo De produced the potion.

 The group of students around them noticed that Shen Yanxiao had stood still, and she did not move an inch, so they sniggered.

 “I knew it.

He is simply a reckless and ignorant kid.

I think he must have been overwhelmed by the process of producing the Aura Concealment Potion.”

 “It was obvious that he had overestimated his abilities.

Did he honestly believe that just anyone could produce an intermediate potion To think that he had the cheek to boast about how he could attempt it after only one demonstration.

This is simply a huge joke.”

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