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“Him Are you joking Even Shangguan Xiao only managed to produce a successful sample after a week.

If this kid can produce the potion after a one-time demonstration, then Ill eat my shoes.”

 It must have been a joke.

The first-year students had only attended lessons for a few months.

If they could already produce an intermediate potion after only one demonstration, then all the second-year students in the violet class might as well hang themselves.

“I wonder about that kids background for teacher Luo De to treat him so well.”

 “I heard teacher Luo De called him Shen Jue, and that name sounds familiar.

I think he is pretty good among the first-year students.”

 “No matter how good he is, he is still only a first-year student.

Furthermore, how skilled could he be”

 “In any case, it is none of our business.

Just treat it as watching a show.”

 The efforts to produce the Aura Concealment Potion had tortured the two students, so they were pretty excited to see the first-year student make a fool out of himself.

The Herbalist Divisions lab was located at the east of the academy, and it covered an area of about 2400 square meters.

In the large laboratory, there were hundreds of tables meant for the students to produce potions.

Many neatly-arranged apparatus were placed on every table.

 A few second-year students from the division did not rush to leave after their lessons had ended.

Instead, they had utilized their spare time to train in the lab.

 When Luo De and the three students who trailed after him entered the lab, those students noticed their arrival.

Among those students, there were a few students who were under Luo Des tutelage.

When they saw him, they timidly and obediently went to greet him.

 After Luo De responded to their greetings, he then brought Shen Yanxiao to the table that was reserved for the teachers.

 The students in the lab looked at Shen Yanxiao, who followed by Luo Des side, with the utmost curiosity.

 “Hey, where did that kid come from Why has he come to our second-year lab” One of the violet class students curiously moved toward the other two students who got lectured by Luo De and asked them that question.

“Teacher Luo De wanted him to produce the Aura Concealment Potion.” One of them answered with a sarcastic smile.

“… to produce the Aura Concealment Potion Has he attempted that before this” When they heard what the other student had said, the group of students could no longer stay calm.

The whole of the second-year violet class had been tortured by their efforts to produce the potion, and yet there was a first-year student who would want to attempt it It was something that they could hardly believe.

 “This kid does not even know the steps to produce the Aura Concealment Potion.

He will only do it only after teacher Luo Des one-time demonstration.”

 “Are you speaking gibberish”

 “Please stop joking.

If one could learn it after only seeing it once, then we wouldnt have to bury our heads in here and work hard at it.”

 Everyone regarded what they had heard as a joke.

 It was an intermediate potion.

Even the most talented student, Shangguan Xiao, could only produce it after a full week of trials.

A first-year thought that he could do it after only one demonstration That must have been the funniest joke in history.

 Soon, the students in the laboratory encircled around Luo De and Shen Yanxiao.

A few of them looked at Shen Yanxiao with looks of mockery and contempt.

They all looked forward to seeing the first-year student who could not gauge his own aptitude to make a fool out of himself.

They anxiously awaited the moment where he would embarrass himself.

Luo De did not notice the expressions on the faces of the other students.

He only wanted to see Shen Yanxiaos talents in herbalism.

“I will begin now.

I will only demonstrate it once, so be sure to see it carefully.” Luo De had intended to do the demonstration for a few times to accurately gauge Shen Yanxiaos talents.

However, she had only requested to see it once, so he did not say anything else.

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