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Tang Nazhi shrugged his shoulders.

It was not the first time that Shen Yanxiao had been in the spotlight since she entered the Herbalism Division.

Even though she was the youngest there, she had talents that no one else could ever hope to intercept.

A week after the class allocation test, some tactless students from other classes still believed that she had gotten into the violet class under the influence of Qi Xia and his group of friends.

They were brave enough to challenge her in hopes that they could take her place in the violet class.

 Unfortunately, she had trounced them.

 It was not that they were weak, but the subjects of their challenges were always potions that were just taught to them.

Shen Yanxiaos amazing talents enabled her to understand things with only one glance, and that was enough to defeat her opponents.

She only needed mere minutes to defeat them.

 Therefore, no one had dared to look for trouble with her after that.

“Very well.

I will look for him later.” Out of the three professions, she had neglected her herbalism classes the most.

It was somewhat different from her training in battle aura and magic, both of which she could always increase her strength once she undid the seal.

Her knowledge of herbalism was gradually accumulated from lessons, and it was not something that she could achieve overnight.

Shen Yanxiao got accustomed to rapid progression in her other classes, so she always felt that her progress in herbalism was too slow.

However, since she intended to produce the Blood Banquet Potion for Yun Qi, she knew that she had to pay more attention to her studies in herbalism.

 The morning lessons came and gone pretty quickly.

Shen Yanxiao bid farewell to Tang Nazhi and then walked toward Luo Des location.

 Luo De was in his room.

He had worn a solemn expression on his face previously, but at that moment, his face was as dark as a pot.

Two students from the Herbalist Division stood in front of Luo De, and their heads were lowered.

It was as if they did not even dare to breathe.

 “It has been a month since youve learned how to produce the Aura Concealment potion, and yet you still failed to do it.

And you dared to call yourselves competent Are your brains just for show You have been in the Herbalist Division for two years, and yet you cant comprehend at all! Do you even deserve to wear the violet robes” Luo De was tense, and he gritted his teeth as he stared at the two incompetent students in front of him.

 He was in charge of the second-year students from the violet class in the Herbalist Division, which included the two students in his room then.

He had taught them the techniques to produce some intermediate potions, which was naturally more complicated than the skills needed to create potions from the beginner level.

The violet class that he was in charge of had some of the most outstanding students from thousands of herbalist students.

Furthermore, he had given them a month to perfect their skills.

Luo De felt as if he was stuck in a nightmare.

Those proud and arrogant students had learned the ways to produce the intermediate potion, but they had performed terribly.

Only about twenty students barely managed to produce a complete potion, and the purity and efficacy of their potion were far from a passing mark.

Most of the students could not even reach the last step of the procedure.

As for the two students in front of him, they were morecompetent than the rest of the group.

They could not even grasp the balance needed for the first three medicinal ingredients, and they had managed to ruin hundreds of medicinal ingredients in just one month.

The most ridiculous thing that they had done thus far was the decision not to follow the conventional method and to add the catalyst powder to the brew for the potion.

It ultimately resulted in two explosions inside the lab.

 It was fortunate that the students stood quite far from the explosion.

Otherwise, some students could have been injured.

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