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Chapter 262: Open a Casino (3)

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“Thats easy.

Ill get some men to operate the casino on our behalf.

We can tell the public that we have sold the casino to someone else.” Qi Xia had an incomparable sharp mind when it came down to business.

After they resolved the last issue, they decided to proceed with Qi Xias solution.

The underground casino had been closed for nearly two months before they reopened it three days after their conversation.

Furthermore, their target customers were no longer restricted to students from the Saint Laurent Academy.

They had also expanded their influences to several nearby cities.

When everyone heard about how the casino would accept demonic cores as stakes, many mercenaries brought their stock of demonic cores to the casino.

Compared to gold and silver, they were more willing to use up the demonic cores that had only little value.

In any case, the demonic cores could not be sold, and it would only take up space in the warehouse if they continued to store them there.

So, the leaders of many huge mercenary groups allowed their men to try their luck at the new casino with those demonic cores.

As per Qi Xias instructions, the person-in-charge at the casino had been very generous with their new customers, and he even went easy on them during the first few days.

That allowed the customers to get a taste of winning, and when they won a massive sum of money, they then spread the news about that to everyone they knew.

Eventually, more and more people went to the casino with the demonic cores that they had in their possessions.

In just one week, Shen Yanxiao had managed to gather more than ten thousand demonic cores.

They also managed to get some medicinal ingredients, which was totally out of their expectation.

When the flow of customers had stabilized, the person-in-charge at the casino immediately displayed his skills, and he managed to win back a large number of gold coins that they had previously lost to their customers.

They did not make a loss.

In fact, they had managed to earn tens of thousands of gold coins from the casino.

They were extremely shocked at the speed of the earnings.

Shen Yanxiao took all of the demonic cores with her and then fed them to Xiu.

Day by day, Xiu gradually recovered his strength.

Finally, a month after the casino started its operation, he had recovered enough of his power to undo the third layer of Shen Yanxiaos seal.

That night, Shen Yanxiao decided to sneak out of the Saint Laurent Academy to spend the night at a hotel in Black City.

She still remembered what had happened when they undid the second seal.

She did not want any unforeseen circumstances to occur while they undid the third seal and shocked Tang Nazhi and Lin Xuan.

It was the dead of night, and Shen Yanxiao was by herself in her hotel room.

She took a deep breath as she stared at the candle on the table.

Shen Yanxiao blew out the flame and then sat on the bed.

Slowly, she shut her eyes and entered the depths of her soul.

While she was there, she could see the vague silhouettes of two indistinct figures.

As she gradually condensed her mental energy, the two figures became clearer.

The young and arrogant Vermilion Bird had its hands crossed and sat crossed legged in mid-air.

Its pair of huge scarlet eyes stared unhappily at the person beside it.

The man had a slender figure and long, jet-black hair that reached the ground.

His hair was as smooth as satin, and it had no accessory on it.

Under the contrast of his long hair, a sharply defined face, as if carved with a knife, appeared before Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

Shen Yanxiao had thought that Shen Siyu and Qi Xia were the most good-looking men that she had ever seen.

It was not until she laid her sights on him that she knew what one would call perfection.

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