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Chapter 260: Open a Casino (1)

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The students cried out in surprise when they realized that they had a level-eight archer amongst them.

Everyone set their gaze on Shen Yanxiao, and some of them even questioned whether they had met that student before.

“I overheard the conversation between Fang Xi and another teacher.

It seems like that student is not from our division.

He is from the Archer Division.” A student who hovered at the entrance immediately shared what he had heard with his friends.

“Hes an archer” Everyone was speechless.

The enrollment test for the Saint Laurent Academy was not an easy feat, and not everyone was guaranteed a place there even if they had broken through to the sixth rank.

“But he seems younger than us.” The group of students stared at Shen Yanxiao as they sized her up.

They still could not associate that dull little kid with the rumored prodigy.

However, they had witnessed the facts.

They had no choice but to accept it even if they were unwilling to do so.

The students from the Battle Aura Division were initially curious about Shen Yanxiao, and that curiosity quickly evolved into fanatical worship.

Many of those who trained in battle aura wanted to become an archer.

Shen Yanxiao was younger than them, and yet she had reached the peak of an intermediate archer.

It was a feat that they could never achieve, no matter how hard they worked.

Thus, from that day onward, the nameXiao Yan was forever imprinted in their minds.

It would last until far into the future that any students who aspired to become an archer would idolize Xiao Yan as their role model.

That was certainly not something that Shen Yanxiao had expected.

Fang Xi sighed, and then he immediately tasked the other teachers to calm the students sentiments and emotions.

Then he whisked Shen Yanxiao from the training grounds as he wanted to inform Xie Yun of the results as quickly as possible.

Xie Yun had returned from Ling Xiaos office, and when he heard Fang Xis recount, his gaze on Shen Yanxiao changed from extreme shock to absolute delight.

He knew that his foresight was accurate.

Shen Yanxiao had advanced from a beginner to the peak of an intermediate archer in just one month.

Not even the top student in the Archer Division, Meng Yiheng, could compare to her talents.

“Great lad.

Keep up the good work, and perhaps you can fight for another quota for the Archer Division during the competition in another half years time.”

Shen Yanxiao knew about the competition that Xie Yun had mentioned, and that was also her goal.

On the return journey, Shen Yanxiao calmed herself and had a conversation with Xiu.

“With your current abilities, you can only reach the peak of the intermediate levels for both battle aura and magic.

If you wish to rise to the advanced level, you must undo the third seal.” Xiu was delighted with Shen Yanxiaos progress.

However, the existence of the seal was a significant weakness.

The two seals that they undid could only allow Shen Yanxiaos strength to increase to a certain level.

If she continued to move forward, she would have to suffer the restriction from the third seal.

“But where can I get large quantities of demonic cores” Shen Yanxiao was vexed.

She knew how good it felt when they undid the first two seals.

The fact that the third seal restricted her progress was not something she could tolerate so easily.

“Why dont you consult those comrades of yours Perhaps they might have the means to do it.” Even though Xiu wanted to assist Shen Yanxiao, he was confined to her side due to his lack of strength.

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